A Report from #TheNest

A Report from #TheNest

The temperature is finally starting to cool down a bit here in #Houston, and in other parts of the country, the cold crisp air is moving in and the changing landscape is simply stunning! The leaves on the trees are turning #Beautiful hues of orange, yellow, and red signifying that fall has indeed arrived. This is undoubtedly my favorite time of year! #Family, #Friends, #Football, bonfires and all things pumpkin are just a few things I love about fall!:)

To #KickOff the new #Season, is it a coincidence that #Twitter has a new look? I’m sure you’ve already noticed, they’ve recently changed the look of your home page by moving a few buttons around to make your account easier and more #TimeEfficient to manage.

I instantly noticed the more #Modern and #Fresh view as they literally moved everything around. The settings button, toggle between accounts button and edit profile button are now to the right of your picture, making any change quick and easy. After a few minutes of checking out the new look, I noticed my drafts were not where they had been the day before.

I had been diligently working so hard on them and was hoping they weren’t gone forever! It must have been the bird instinct to #Follow the #Feather. LoL. I’m glad I did because I found them neatly #Organized just as I had left them, and it was a big relief.

It took a few minutes, but when I figured it out, I shared the information with a quick tweet to help anyone in need. To my surprise, someone who wasn’t even following me, located in Libya, favorite my tweet! He must have had the same issue and used the search box to locate an answer that just happened to be my tweet. More on this issue to follow.

In case you are wondering where your drafts are, the feather icon is located on the top right of your home screen. Once you click the feather, it will navigate you to your tweet box. Look on the bottom right side of the tweet box, and you will see another feather. Click that feather, and voila: you will find all of the drafts you’ve made in the past ready to #Tweet!

Building Your Network

There are many ways to find #Likeminded people and build your network on Twitter. The easiest way to follow someone on Twitter is to use the hour glass icon at the top of your Twitter home page and type in the names of people and businesses that automatically come to mind that you want to follow.

Another quick way to is to look at the Who to Follow section located below your first three to four tweets. Twitter populates this section with the people they think you might be interested in following. In the beginning, Twitter really does do a lot of guessing, but as you build your account, it does eventually populate #Likeminded people that you will ultimately thank Twitter for suggesting and want to add to your #Network.

Another way to find followers is by utilizing the search box. Type a word or phrase that you are interested in or that is associated with your professional industry. By doing this, Twitter will populate all the tweets with that word or phrase into one stream. Looking at the stream by swiping up and down you will find people who are tweeting and talking about that particular word or topic.

This approach is an #Interesting way to find #New #Likeminded people. When I find or #Connect with a #GreatPerson who has amazing #PositiveContent, I look to see who they are following and follow a few people in their #Network as well. This way, you will find many more #WonderfulPeople to #Connect with and build a solid #Network.

Twitter is actually really smart. I’ve found that you can type a question mark into the search box followed by a question or statement and it will locate the answer in another tweet or the tweets that have all of the words you typed into the search box relating to your question. In most cases, this function will either give you the answer or it will put you in touch with people talking about that subject and even asking the same questions as you. Once again, you are #Surrounded by people who are #Interested in the same things as you and your business.

It is important that you do your due diligence and research every #TwitterProfile prior to following them. I highly recommend this rule because with #Freedom comes #Responsibility, and this step helps to alleviate unwanted issues down the road such as spammers and people who only want to sell you followers or many other numerous things.

Read what they are tweeting about and most importantly #Analyze their #Profile. The quick process I use is the scan-all-the-facts philosophy. I read the bio and their first handful of tweets. How many people are they following? How many followers do they have? How many pictures have they posted? Do they favorite? How many tweets have they tweeted? And most importantly, I always ask, what message are they sending?

Taking these steps will give you a good idea of who they are as a person and what their business is all about. If the account looks interesting but I’m still not quite sure if I should follow, I perform a Google search and #Research further before I make a decision. Most of the time, you will know right away! I now have the #QuickScan down to under 60 seconds.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips on how to get started building a solid network. Let’s connect! Tweet me @nvestnthefuture or @CleanEnergyChem with your #Favorite thing about fall or a #Unique thing about your business.

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