A Winning Combination! -Triple-play for the oil and gas industry

As technology moves with the speed of industry, new technologies emerge to make our lives better and better at home. One of these is “Triple Play,” but what exactly is it? Triple play is the combination of voice, Internet, and television through one service. What does this mean for the oil and gas industry? It means seamless integration and continuity for a company’s entire site needs, whether they are offices in the middle of the ocean or offices in the big city – including vessels at sea!



Turnkey solutions for delivering enterprise-class systems to company sites that encompass all of these technologies now is available. The blur of the lines of technology can be somewhat of a headache, but with turnkey solutions these become much easier to understand, and deploy.


Telephony for Company Sites

Telephony can be full of buzz words, but with a turnkey solution for a company’s sites, a high-technology solution can be custom-tailored to scale from one phone to a million phones, allowing a company to utilize a scalable approach to its business and site needs as its grows. With the proven technology of voice over internet protocol (VoIP), the costs have come down to the realm of affordability for almost any size company.

Small footprint phone systems can greatly reduce the needs from one full rack of equipment to one small box that can replace entire racks of equipment. This feature also offers a company the ability to scale as its business expands from one site to multiple sites. Through the use of the cutting-edge Aeonix Platform by Tadiran, delivery of reliable and scalable unified communications for any organization couldn’t be any simpler!

Aeonix is one of the latest proven solutions from a company that has more than 50 years in telephony services across the globe. With more than 120,000 installations and growing, Tadiran has a strategic focus on reliability and scalability for organizations.

This technology can be deployed across all avenues of connection methods, from cellular data, VSAT, terrestrial satellite, microwave, and wireless technologies. This broad range of delivery changes the way that services can be delivered.

Data for a Company’s Sites

Data technologies are becoming more and more of a requirement for day-to-day operations day in a business. From a simple e-mail to a video conference with a colleague located across the globe at another branch, these are all applications that are moving business from a local to a global presence.

With wide ranges of data solutions available, such as cellular, microwave, wireless, satellite, and terrestrial, a custom solution that can be used for the most efficient communications is possible. This option also allows a company to save costs and increase the stability of daily data needs.

Data does not just mean Internet research anymore. With unified communications, the lines between all of a company’s needed systems can be integrated to make one user friendly and cost-effective solution. E-mail, messaging, video conferencing, shared data repositories, and even full servers to support critical business applications can now work seamlessly across any data connection and live as a cloud-offered solution.

With the support of Microsoft, the cloud now is an affordable and turnkey solution for all of a company’s business needs, whether it has one employee or more than a million. These technologies bridge the gaps and reduce total operating cost of critical business services.

Video for a Company’s Sites

Some sites suffer from the cable TV blues, while other sites are located in the middle of the ocean or desert. With the advances in technologies for delivery of television systems, a custom solution can be delivered from one to more than 100 channels of video for a very affordable price. Whether a company needs all of its sites to have access to the latest box office movies, news, and sports or the latest company training video, there is a solution.

With IP, voice, and video through coaxial and IP networks, a company can receive all of its entertainment, training, and corporate needs in one seamless system across all sites. This option includes the use of the innovative COM-2000 system with their its own integrated and custom IP-delivery technologies for delivering additional content to those that need it most, in a seamless and integrated system.

The whole package can be affordable and scalable, often costing thousands less than the older style analog systems. With digital delivery via either coaxial or network technology, a solution can be tailored for a company’s needs and its sites.

Cost Savings of Triple-Play

The combinations of voice, data, and video services can be daunting to manage across multiple sites, vessels, and offices, but that does not have to be the way any longer. The cost-effectiveness and affordability of these high technology systems today is amazing.

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