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America Needs America’s Energy and Its Natural Resources

America Needs America’s Energy and Its Natural Resources is a monograph that I have written, which was officially released in September 2022. The monograph accompanies the book America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan.

In 2012, the book I authored, America Needs America’s Energy, was released during the summer. During this decade of time, the advancement of energy, technology and innovation have come to the forefront. Together, we, as a society, must determine the future pathways for energy development.

In order to meet the challenges ahead, we need to be informed about natural resources and how they apply to our lives and to future generations. In this monograph, the natural resources addressed are crude oil, natural gas, solar, wind, biofuels, nuclear and hydrogen.

This monograph is a tool for conversation and constructive debate, in order to achieve ultimate results for future generations. This writing is a continuation of the book, America Needs America’s Energy, with a special focus on comparing natural resources and how they supplement one another.

As stated in America Needs America‚Äôs Energy, ‚ÄúAs the national debate over energy policy escalates, the tendency is to point fingers at companies in the energy business or a lack of will among elected officials to come to grips with the situation. It‚Äôs been them vs. us, with ‚Äúthem‚ÄĚ not always clearly defined. I contend, however, that for too long we have been wasting time blaming the energy industry or the government failure to adopt a national energy strategy when we, the people, should be responsible for creating the plan. As consumers of energy, we should drive the process, evaluating how we can best leverage our natural resources here at home to assure long-term energy independence and security.‚ÄĚ

This monograph definitely can be used independently as a source. However, the monograph, along with the book, provides a better roadmap.

In 2013, I addressed several organizations. In Las Vegas, Nevada, I served as a speaker/panelist and moderator at the Annual National Energy Projects in Indian Country Conference, with over 150 tribes present. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, I made a presentation to a delegation from Pakistan studying energy issues in the United States. The delegation was visiting the U.S. as part of the U.S. State Department Leadership Program. The group was studying our energy policies and issues. The main purpose of their visit was how to improve energy infrastructure in Pakistan.

I also spoke at Rogers State University and the Moore-Norman Technology Center. The question/concern that came up at the end of each presentation was whether energy and the environment can really co-exist. In 1992, the International Energy Policy Conference was founded. As founder of the conference, I continued to advocate the theme of ‚ÄúStriving for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Preservation.‚ÄĚ After discussing all of our energy options, natural gas came to the forefront.

I have expressed my belief that natural gas reserves are critical to a strong U.S. economy and extremely important for America’s energy security. All forms of energy should be addressed. Again, the monograph is a tool for discussion about America’s energy future. For further reading, the e-book can be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

America needs America’s Energy!

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Mark A. Stansberry, Chairman of The GTD Group, is an award-winning author, columnist, film and music producer, radio talk show host and 2009 Western Oklahoma Hall of Fame inductee. Stansberry has written five energy-related books. He has been active in the oil and gas industry for over 44 years, having served as CEO/President of Moore-Stansberry, Inc., and The Oklahoma Royalty Company. He has served as Chairman of the Board of Regents of the Regional University System of Oklahoma, Chairman 2016-2017 of the Gaylord-Pickens Museum/Oklahoma Hall of Fame Board of Directors, Lifetime Trustee of Oklahoma Christian University, and Board Emeritus of the Oklahoma Governor’s International Team. He has served on several public and private boards. 

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