BP Deploys Schlumberger’s Petrel Software

BP has agreed to use Schlumberger’s Petrel E&P software platform to support BP’s new digital technology roll out. The first deployment of the two-year global implementation has been successfully completed for staff at the company’s business unit in Aberdeen, Scotland.

“The Petrel platform is replacing an existing software toolkit to help upstream technical staff optimize work processes, improve efficiency and reduce non- productive time associated with drilling new wells,” Uwem Ukpong, president, Schlumberger Information Solutions, said.

BP is working with a number of key partners to implement the platform for its entire upstream petro-technical user community. Schlumberger will provide guidance and support relating to digital workflow and data management practices, as well as a tailored user training program and a global support center, post deployment.

The Petrel E&P software platform enables companies to standardize workflows from exploration to production and make more informed decisions with a clear understanding of both opportunities and risks. In addition, the Petrel platform provides deep science across the spectrum—from prestack processing to advanced reservoir modeling—to assisted history matching, and supports automated, repeatable workflows, to capture best practices and share them across the organization.

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