September 23, 2021

Energy Scene: 2015 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

The Williston Basin Petroleum Conference takes place in Saskatchewan and North Dakota on alternating years, and is co-hosted by the Government of Saskatchewan, the state government of North Dakota, the North Dakota Petroleum Council and the Petroleum Technology Research Council.

The Williston Basin is a major oil-producing region including portions of southern Saskatchewan, North and South Dakota, Montana and Manitoba, and the conference theme, “One Basin Fuelling Two Nations,” addresses the significant resources shared by these jurisdictions with a focus on research and development.

Photos by Paul Flessland

Missouri River in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, 15 miles south of Watford City.North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring also sits on the North Dakota Industrial Commission, which is a three-person commission.Keith Lowdon, director of Manitoba Mineral Resources petroleum branch, gives Manitoba’s oil and gas industry outlook.Ron Ness, president, North Dakota Petroleum Council, at the Williston Basin Petroleum CouncilBill Boyd, Minister of the Economy, Saskatchewan, gives Wednesday’s keynote at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan.Steve Nordeng, Associate Professor of Geology & Geological Engineering at the University of North Dakota.Sven Egenhoff, Colorado State University, presents on how anoxic are black shale settings and views from the Upper Bakken Shale as a possible answer.Patricia Mohr, Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy, discusses commodity trends from Canada to China.Ed Dancsok, Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy, discusses the implementation of IRIS at the Government of Saskatchewan and what it means to the oil and gas industry.
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