October 20, 2021
Progressive Strides in Unconventional Oil and Gas Recovery

Feature Podcast: Progressive Strides in Unconventional Oil and Gas Recovery

When talking about advances in oil and gas technology, we would be remiss if we didn’t discuss unconventional methods of oil and natural gas recovery and the ways in which they could benefit the U.S. economy. There are always the tried and true methods – foolproof and with little-to-no risk. With these standard approaches, there have been and continue to be advances that make them more efficient and cost-effective. But it makes you wonder, what else is out there?

How Real-life Data Guides the Agility of Oil and Gas CompaniesFree to Download Today

Oil and gas companies are regularly faced with many industry-specific issues to overcome. Such issues, including exploration and drilling, are often complex and intricate processes with many unique challenges to overcome. Data analytics can play a massive part in streamlining some of the most fundamental operations that are involved in the oil and gas industry.

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