In for the Long Haul, SGR Energy’s Tommy San Miguel Shifts Business into High Gear


For Tommy San Miguel, founder and CEO of Houston’s SGR Energy, the road to running his own $91-million fuel blending and manufacturing company started, quite literally, on the highway. Nearly 30 years ago, he hired on as a truck driver, hauling heavy fuel in Texas for a fuel oil trading…

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Sr. VP, Investor Relations -

Craig is a native Houstonian who has spent his entire career in the Oil & Gas Industry. Craig brings over 18 years of experience in Business Development, Marketing, Management, and Sales Training to the company.

Entering the Oil & Gas industry as a recruiter specializing in high-end engineering, project management, and geoscience professionals, Craig was able to learn a tremendous amount about the industry from Deepwater Upstream to Coking Units, and Distillation Towers Downstream. Using Talent Management as a platform, he has been able to advance his career as a trainer, motivator, and leader. Craig has worked with Petrobras, Chevron, LyondellBasell, as well as many large engineering companies to help develop marketing strategies, build sales, and grow their companies.

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