Interview: Arun Santhebennur, CEO, Petasense

Interview: Arun Santhebennur, CEO, Petasense

Below is an interview with Arun Santhebennur. The interview text has been left intack, with only minor grammatical adjustments. Tonae’ Hamilton: How/why was Petasense created and what is the overall goal of the company? Arun Santhebennur: My cofounder, Abhinav Khushraj, and I saw that the next wave of connectivity was…

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Tonae’ Hamilton has been a contributor and associate editor to the magazine for two years. She has been writing professionally for almost four years. In her free time, Tonae’ likes to spend time with her three pets, cook, and binge-watch Netflix shows. Tonae' has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from McDaniel College.

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