Interview: Brad Boksteyn, Inventor, Guardian CSE

Interview: Brad Boksteyn, Inventor, Guardian CSE

Eric Eissler: What inspired you to create this unique product?

Brad Boksteyn: Having been involved in the Industrial Fire and Safety industry for the past 30 plus years, I have always tried my best to make the work space or project I was involved with be the absolute safest working environment possible for everyone on site. NOTHING was more important to me than ensuring that my professional training was adequate and enabled me to provide accurate and comprehensive safety advice. My goal was to make certain that the crews I worked with went home safely to their families at the end of the work day. This device came to mind while I was working as a contract safety advisor on the SUNCOR Fort Hill Project in Northern Alberta. Once per week, all the safety advisors would pick a section of the project and do a section walk around talking with different trades about their experiences, safety concerns, just getting to meet people.

What I noticed was red flagging tape all over the place, in garbage barrels, hanging off scaffolding, a bit blowing around on the ground. But seeing it stretched out from flange hole to flange hole not being able to read any danger warning. It just seemed inefficient to me. As a safety advisor, the idea instantly came to my mind and I knew exactly what needed to happen. I’ve been driven to update this way of thinking ever since.

With the new nets manufactured by Guardian CSE, it is my goal that all safety professionals will utilize this new confined space/entry protection to continue ensuring the safety of workers and all confined space entry crews associated with an entry project.

When on-site, my number one pet peeve was red flagging tape ALWAYS blowing around creating a tripping hazard, an environmental contaminant or just fading and becoming illegible. In order to solve this issue, I invented this new confined space entry protection device that can be securely fastened and re-used on almost any opening complete with interchangeable signage. This device effectively eliminates the need for red flagging tape and haphazard signs hung by tie wire over man-way entry points. Not only does this save the environment from unneeded plastic waste, but it also provides the most innovative, effective industry warning protection available today.

EE: What is your primary selling point when pitching to large companies, that continue to pay for rolls and rolls of danger tape?

BB: To be quite honest selling wasn’t my major thought, it was more this net needs to be in the industry. It’s always really been about safety for me. Of course, I knew it could be a great business venture so between the two points it was just the right thing to do. So, to answer your question, I think this CSE Net will sell itself. Cost saving, environment saving, Interchangeable signage any wording any language any design and priced right.

EE: How much can these signs save a large company over time?

BB: To give a cost saving on vessel or tank entry projects over the span of one year will all be based on the companies policies and procedures on entries but it is safe to say they will save their money on many many rolls of red or even yellow flagging tape that would just be wasted. One lead safety manager I did talk with in Canada mentioned the amount of money they spent on flagging tape over the course of the turnaround season and it was an astronomical amount.

EE: Do you have any safety certifications?

BB: Talking with many of the certifying bodies, because this is a new product on the market there isn’t really a standard to compare it with. But having said that OH&S in Alberta Canada has checked it out with a positive reply thinking this CSE net could possibly be an industry standard. I’ll also mention it’s been tested by oil companies and has been approved for use in their facilities.

EE: Are the bungees able to be locked into an opening to prevent someone from removing it?

BB: Yes, there is a way to lock this product in place if you required this.

EE: Are there specific sizes you can purchase?

Guardian currently has three sizes of nets, small round, large round, and a rectangle net. Guardian will build any shape and size clients require.

EE: Can they be purchased from any country?

BB: Yes, Guardian products can be purchased from any country and the CSE signs can be written in any language and wording that is needed, simply by contacting us through the website – or email –

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