September 22, 2021

Letter from the Publisher (November-December 2016)

Safety is a key component to everything we do in the oil and gas industry, whether it’s on-or-offshore. Most of the time safety measures are only reviewed when we are faced with handling dangerous equipment that could do us harm or damage equipment. However, as we know, health, safety, and environmental concerns are all around us throughout the day. I’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years, and during that time, I’ve been constantly reminded to think about safety at work and home. In the office setting, where a good portion of the oil and gas industry employees work, our work desk, office space, and cubes can present health and safety hazards that we’re not aware of. What I’ve encountered in my work setting is inadequate chairs that don’t support my back or height requirements. Which leads to neck and back pain. Monitors that sit too low on my desk. Overhead fluorescent lights that are overwhelmingly bright, which over time leads to mild headaches. My remedy to these problems were simple with a small investment. For my chair, I bought a form fitting cushion for back support and adjusted the height so that my arms rest evenly on my desk. I use two monitors for the work I do and I bought stands to raise my monitors to just about eye level. Ideally, I would prefer to turn off the lights and use my desk task light, but that’s not possible in my office setting. The next best option for me was to have facility management remove two of the four bulbs in the light fixture directly above my desk. If you think about it, there are always health and occupational hazards around us from the breakroom to the restroom. Being aware and watching out for potential hazards will serve you well at home, on the road, and even on a holiday break.

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The publisher of Oilman Magazine, Emmanuel Sullivan is a technical writer who has built up his profile in the oil and gas industry. He lives and works in Houston, where he publishes Oilman on a bimonthly basis, distributing his magazine to energy thought leaders and professionals throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. At a time when technology is rapidly changing, he provides an invaluable service to oil and gas engineers and managers, offering them both broad and specific looks at the topics that affect their livelihoods. Sullivan earned his BA in Communications at Thomas Edison State University and his MA in Professional Writing at Chatham University. 

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