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Product Showcase: Lift-Off Pipe Supports

Throughout the oil and gas, and allied industries, the most interesting factor challenging Piping Engineers worldwide is the placement and longevity of pipe supports. Of interest is both the function and the ability to inspect and maintain the supports as well as the verification of the condition of the piping wall thickness at the junction/interface between the support contact point.

A support barrier’s prime function is to isolate the braced piping from the structural support elements. Failure to isolate the line leads to potential pipe wall degradation due to expansion, vibration, and inadequate draining of liquid from the interfaces, causing coatings to blister and fail.

Other serious consequential damage is caused by point loads exceeding the coating allowable stresses. This causes the stripping away of the coating creating a path for stray current to travel through the pipe directly into the unprotected pipe support grounding.

We have found that many supports are in very difficult to access locations and are often not maintained, or consequently they are completely neglected. In situations like this the lines and supports fail.

Field visits have proven that when barriers have not been adequately fastened to the beams, the supports shear off; epoxy fixing, as well as the ability to expand beyond the coefficient of steel, are dislodged from the support beams, which render the support barrier ineffective.

“Lift-Off” Pipe Supports™ have developed our LOR (Lift-Off Rest) and our LOV (Lift-off Vertical) supports. Our LOR is a beam flange mounted barrier that is suitable for most beams, comprising of lateral lobes spread over the complete flange width. This provides lateral (horizontal) and perpendicular movement for expanding lines. Our LOV supports are designed to ensure maximum drainage and removal of potentially corrosive liquids.

Our support materials vary, with poly composite materials utilized for low temperature applications from -300 to 225 deg. F, to high alloy materials for elevated temperatures.

In most cases, our supports do not require bolting, glues, or any other attachment method, as they have a non-skid base. The loads are spread evenly over the complete flange width, coupled with a very low coefficient of friction (µ=0.08 to 0.15). Our LOR supports are manufactured for Line Sizes from 2” to 48”, to fit structural flange widths ranging from 2” to 16” and heights from 1/4” to 3”.

Our supports result in big cost savings WITH or WITHOUT HOT-WORK installation.

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