September 26, 2021

Natural Gas Processing Plant to be Located in SCOOP Play

The board of directors of Enable Midstream Partners LP has approved construction of an additional 200-million cubic feet per day of natural gas processing capacity that will be located near its Bradley Processing Plant to serve producers in the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP).

The Bradley Plant, located in Grady County, Okla., is currently under construction and is expected to be in service during the first quarter of 2015.

“Strong producer activity continues on our Anadarko Basin gathering systems, particularly in the SCOOP play,” said Lynn Bourdon, Enable Midstream’s president and CEO. “We already have critical long-lead plant infrastructure ordered and anticipate a fourth quarter 2015 startup for this additional capacity.”

Enable Midstream will invest approximately $200 million for the project, including plant equipment, associated compression, and installation costs. This investment was anticipated in the capital guidance announced in Enable Midstream’s second quarter 2014 earnings release. Other announced investments include the upgrades to the Cox City processing facility, construction of a second crude oil gathering pipeline in the Bakken region in North Dakota, and construction of the Bradley Plant.

Enable Midstream added approximately 500,000 gross acres of SCOOP-area dedicated acreage since Dec. 31, 2013.

Enable Products LLC, part of Enable Midstream, awarded CB&I a contract for the engineering and procurement of equipment and process modules for the new natural gas processing plant. The facility will utilize NGL- MAXSM gas processing technology from CB&I.

“CB&I had the same scope of supply for the Bradley Plant last year,” said Daniel McCarthy, president of CB&I’s technology operating group. “The success of that project led to this contract award, which is essentially a duplication of the equipment and modules.”

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