September 21, 2021

Northern Natural Gas Seeks Approval for Compressor Station

Northern Natural Gas has filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for authorization to build and operate new natural gas transportation facilities in Gaines County, Texas, according to a Sept. 18 notice in the Federal Register.

Northern plans to build a greenfield compressor station in Gaines County that includes installation of a Solar Taurus 70-10802S with approximately 11,152 horsepower and a Solar Taurus 60-7302S with approximately 6,937 horsepower.

According to the notice, the suction side of the compressor station will be connected to the 30-inch-diameter Spraberry to Plains pipeline, while the station will discharge to the 30-inch diameter Kermit to Beaver pipeline.

In addition, the proposed project includes the installation of a station suction scrubber, a station recycle control valve, lube-oil coolers, a discharge gas cooler, blowdown silencers, unit inlet air filters and exhaust systems, a backup generator, fuel gas heating skids, a fire/gas detection system, an air compressor and dryer system, two compressor buildings, a control building, an auxiliary building, a septic system and associated above-grade and below-grade piping, valves and instrumentation. The compressor buildings will contain noise-attenuating panels, insulation and air inlet/exhaust hoods.

The facilities will provide for incremental peak-day firm service of 210,000 dekatherms per day. Northern said it will acquire an approximately 20-acre site for the new compressor station.

Northern also requests approval for rolled-in rate treatment of the expansion costs.

The company said that the estimated capital cost of the facilities is $40.6 million.

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