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OEG Offshore Announces Merger with Cargo Specialist Paragon Industries

OEG Offshore announced on May 1, 2017, that it would be merging with Cargo Specialist Paragon Industries. OEG Offshore specializes in producing and delivering customized mini containers, dry van containers, offshore baskets, pumps and filters, and a variety of other containment and utility products. The firm was founded in 2010 in Aberdeen, Scotland when Vertec Engineering and Continental Offshore merged in January of the same year.

The merger with Paragon Industries, a manufacturer of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), line pipe products, and structural pipe piling, will further heighten OEG’s position as one of the world’s leading offshore container suppliers. The deal will increase OEG’s already extensive fleet by 1400 units and will include new container designs from Paragon. OEGs presence in the Gulf Coast will be further solidified with the addition of some new full-service locations.

“We are delighted to align with Leonard and the Paragon team to develop our product range in the US Gulf of Mexico market and believe that with the similar culture and service ethos of OEG and Paragon that we shall achieve a rapid integration of the two companies and provide rapid benefits to our expanded customer base,” stated OEG Offshore Chief Executive John Heiton.

Paragon was founded in 1987 by Leonard J Guarisco, Snr., the father of the current President and CEO Leonard J Guarisco, Jr. It has been servicing its clients by moving cargo between land and sea on the Gulf Coast, operating out of its main facility in Morgan City.

“Paragon Industries is confident that its merger with OEG Offshore will result in a new, united ability to offer an increased breadth and depth of complementary product offerings and service capabilities to meet our customers’ requirements.  This merger will not only support ongoing working relationships with our existing customer bases but will provide a more efficient and effective enterprise to continue to provide and improve its quality level of service across a broader scope of needs,” stated Paragon President & CEO, Leonard J. Guarisco, Jr.

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