PinnergyShalewater to Provide Complete Water and Fluid Management Solutions Throughout the U.S. Shale Basins

PinnergyShalewater has developed a patent-pending water tracking and management application specifically to address the needs and requirements for oil and gas water management.

Pinnergy, Ltd. and Shalewater Solutions, LLC today announced a joint venture to provide complete, integrated water management solutions to support oil and gas operations throughout the U.S. shale basins.

The joint venture will operate under the name PinnergyShalewater, LLC (the “Company”) and will be based in Austin, Texas.  The Company will capitalize on the strong reputation Pinnergy has developed as a leading provider of diversified oilfield services and Shalewater Solutions’ strength in water management, flowback and produced water recycling, and logistics technology.  The joint venture combines Pinnergy’s large geographic footprint and significant asset base with the water management and reclamation expertise of Shalewater Solutions.  The Company will leverage the combined expertise of over 1,000 employees between the two organizations.

“This agreement represents each organization’s strong commitment to provide customers with the best single source for water and fluid management,” said Randy Taylor, CEO of Pinnergy.  “To date, the two companies have reclaimed more than 12 million barrels of produced and frac flowback water.  Shalewater Solutions’ innovative water management and reclamation systems, and Pinnergy’s reputation for service excellence, provides a combined offering that can’t be matched in today’s water-sensitive environment.”

PinnergyShalewater will be one of the largest providers of a complete water and fluid management solution under a single point of contact.  Oil and gas producers will benefit from an unprecedented increase in efficiencies and cost savings through the use of the total water management service offering, including:

  • Coagulization™, a custom designed precipitation process for oilfield water reclamation using proprietary chemical formulas and enhanced patented precipitation processes based on unique customer requirements
  • Mobile Treatment Units (“MTU”) capable of treatment rates in excess of ~20,000 barrels/day (~600 gpm)
  • Water transfer using HDPE pipe and lay flat hose
  • Water storage and above-ground tanks
  • Water sourcing
  • Water logistics management technology using the patent-pending ShaleApps™ software solution
  • Fluid services including vacuum trucks, frac tanks and rental equipment
  • Saltwater disposal wells (SWDs) using deep-well injection
  • De-watering of residual wastes including drill mud, drill cuttings and completion wastes
  • Hauling and disposing of residual solid wastes

This is a before (left) and after (right) of water from the Permian Basin that was processed through the PinnergyShalewater Water Reclamation Unit. We use a process called Coagulization, which is oilfield water reclama­tion using proprietary chemical formulas and patented precipita­tion processes based on unique customer requirements.



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