Pipe corrosion. Source: PV Productions - www.freepik.com

Technologies to Detect and Mitigate Pipe Corrosion

Corrosion can be defined as the deterioration that a metal suffers from being under exposure to electrochemical molecules that are in its environment, creating permanent damage to the surface and, in many cases, even worse. In the article, “Corrosion – The Longest War” published by Schlumberger, it mentions that in…

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Author Profile

Raul Palencia is an engineer and researcher with more than 10 years of experience as a geologist. He graduated from the prestigious University of Andes (ULA), later he received a master’s degree in reservoir engineering at the Venezuela Hydrocarbons University. During his career development, he worked for oil companies in positions such as: field geologist, reservoir engineer and reservoir simulation. He has worked in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela. He currently resides in Texas. 

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