October 19, 2021

Texas LNG Brownsville Seeks NEPA Review

Texas LNG in March asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to initiate a National Environmental Policy Act pre-filing review of the company’s proposed Brownsville LNG project.

Texas LNG has proposed building, owning and operating a 4 million tonne per annum (MTA) LNG facility on a 625-acre site in the Port of Brownsville, Texas. The company said that the facility will receive natural gas from an intrastate natural gas pipeline to be constructed from the Agua Dulce natural gas hub approximately 150 miles north of Brownsville to the Brownsville market.

The project will liquefy the natural gas and store and deliver the LNG as needed to LNG carriers for export overseas.

According to Texas LNG’s request letter, the project would include 2 MTA LNG trains, which would be installed in two phases. The first phase would be constructed upon receipt of all required authorizations, and the second phase would be constructed based on market demand.

The first phase LNG would be stored in a single containment LNG storage tank of 210,000 cubic meters, while the second phase would include a second single containment LNG storage tank. The new natural gas lateral pipeline will have sufficient capacity to transport the gas necessary to produce 4 MTA of LNG. A single LNG tanker loading berth with a dredged slip connected to the Brownsville shipping channel would be constructed to accommodate LNG vessels.

Texas LNG estimated in its letter that the project would be placed in service in 2020.

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