With Blockchain, The Energy Industry Will Soon Become Unrecognizable

Who could have ever guessed, that when Satoshi released the white paper for the technology behind Bitcoin, known as blockchain, that it would also herald a revolution in the oil and gas industry? Writing as an early innovator at the confluence of blockchain and oil and gas — and as…

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Nick Spanos is founder of Zap.org’s EnergyLedger, which tailors Zap’s next generation blockchain smart contract solutions for the energy sector. EnergyLedger is currently adding to a roster of industry advisors ahead of approval for the first patent for blockchain in the industry — making it one of the earliest
leaders in blockchain innovation for oil and gas. In 2013, he founded Bitcoin Center NYC, the world’s first-ever live cryptocurrency trading floor, directly across from the NYSE. He is also known for his role in Netflix’s Banking on Bitcoin, and within the industry for his awarded patents on the multi-branch blockchain and blockchain-secure voting platforms.

3 Ways Technology is Going to Shape the Oil and Gas Industry Free to Download Today

Oil and gas operations are commonly found in remote locations far from company headquarters. Now, it's possible to monitor pump operations, collate and analyze seismic data, and track employees around the world from almost anywhere. Whether employees are in the office or in the field, the internet and related applications enable a greater multidirectional flow of information – and control – than ever before.

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