#OilmanNEWS 2017-May-June Alex Mills Texas 

Oil and Gas Economy in Texas Enters Expansion Cycle

Crude oil and natural gas drilling and development in Texas has embarked upon a new cycle of expansion, according to the latest Texas Petro Index (TPI), which improved to 160.4 in March to post its fourth straight monthly increase. “Economically speaking, the TPI data indicate that when oil and gas industry gathers in Wichita Falls in late April for the… Read More
#OilmanNEWS 2017-May-June Alex Mills 

Texas Economy Improves Led By Oil Industry Activity

The Texas economy has shifted into second gear and is expected to grow in 2017, according to a study released recently by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. “The outlook for the Texas economy has improved considerably from a year ago,” Robert Kaplan, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Dallas Fed, said. “Texas jobs are expected to increase between… Read More
#OilmanNEWS 2017-May-June Alex Mills 

Petroleum Industry News Sends Mixed Signals

There was a variety of news regarding the petroleum industry last week that sent mixed signals to industry observers. First, petroleum economist Karr Ingham said the Texas Petro Index increased again for the second month in a row. The drilling rig count, drilling permits and well completions all increased from the previous month. Next came the news that ExxonMobil will… Read More
#OilmanNEWS 2017-May-June Alex Mills 

Federal Government Overreach Attacked On Many Fronts

The President, Congress, and the Texas Legislature all have been very active in implementing executive orders, legislation, resolutions, and letters to reduce the federal government’s massive regulatory overreach. It all started with President Trump’s State of the Union address on Feb. 28, in which he said economic recovery must begin by reducing massive regulations on American businesses. The next day… Read More
2017 January-February Alex Mills Contributors Oklahoma 

Oklahoma AG Nominated as Director of EPA

President-elect Trump’s nominee for Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, has been met with praise and criticism from members of the Senate, who will be voting to confirm him soon after Trump takes office on Jan. 20. Praise has come from both Senators from Oklahoma, Jim Inhofe and James Lankford, and numerous conservative organizations. Opposition… Read More
2016 November-December Alex Mills Contributors 

Carbon Dioxide and Methane Emissions Decline Again

Energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane emissions have declined again, according to two new reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Energy Information Administration (EIA) at the Department of Energy (DOE). The EPA report issued on Oct. 7 stated that methane released from the nation’s petroleum and natural gas sector declined 3.8 percent in 2015, marking the fourth… Read More
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