2014 September-October David Blackmon Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

The Demonization Of Keystone XL Goes International

In the future, honest historians (if such a thing still exists in the future) will look back on the radical green movement’s demonization of the Keystone XL Pipeline as perhaps the single most dishonest advocacy campaign in U.S. history. Never has such a mass quantity of misinformation and outright lies been distributed by activists and parroted by clueless and/or sympathetic… Read More
2014 July-August David Blackmon Jessica Byrd Louisiana Mark A. Stansberry Mike Thomas Oklahoma Texas 

Mainstream vs Midstream – Earthquakes

Noise from the Mainstream From TIME Magazine — The seismic link between fracking and earthquakes… New research indicates that wastewater disposal wells – and sometimes fracking itself – can induce earthquakes Ohio regulators did something last month that had never been done before: they drew a tentative link between shale gas fracking and an increase in local earthquakes. As fracking… Read More
The Unasked Climate Question: How To Replace 86% Of The World's Energy Mix? 2014 July-August David Blackmon 

The Unasked Climate Question: How To Replace 86% Of The World’s Energy Mix?

Lost in all the media hoopla about President Obama’s recent announcement of EPA carbon emission regulations was this news that coal was in fact the fastest-growing fossil fuel globally in 2013. That’s right: despite all of the hundreds of billions of dollars in government subsidies for renewable fuels spent in the United States, Germany, Spain, France and myriad other countries… Read More
King Coal is Dying; Prince Oil & Gas is Next 2014 May-June David Blackmon 

King Coal is Dying; Prince Oil & Gas is Next

Several years ago, during a period of time when some in the oil and natural gas industry were engaging various environmentalist organizations in discussions on how to promote and better regulate natural gas as a fuel for power generation, a very wise man took me aside and said, “Don’t kid yourself. These groups are focused on killing coal right now,… Read More
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