2015 May-June Don Briggs Louisiana 

Keystone Pipeline Still Makes Sense

Take your pick as to the reason why the Keystone XL pipeline is necessary for the future of the U.S. Most of the following items could be reason enough to finish the construction of the pipeline: jobs, economic impact, national security, safety, and finally, imported resources from non-Middle Eastern countries. It does not take rocket science to see the obvious… Read More
API Studies Economic Growth Behind American Oil and Natural Gas 2015 March-April Don Briggs 

Haynesville Shale Could See Increase in Activity

The hot topic around the world continues to be the falling price of oil. Yes, oil prices have fallen more than $60 over the last few months. The stock market has seen points fall off the board, operating companies have reduced drilling budgets for 2015, the workforce has experienced some cutbacks and the general consumer is experiencing $2 gasoline. Thankfully,… Read More
oil and gas news 2014 July-August Don Briggs Louisiana 

Oil Must Work with Local Governments

Relationships only develop and thrive when both parties have a desire to work together toward a common goal. Although this might sound like the introduction to a “Dr. Phil” segment, it is actually the basis for a healthy industry-to-parish working atmosphere. In Louisiana, the oil and gas industry has the privilege of potentially working with 64 different parish government entities.… Read More
Haynesville Shale Far From Over 2014 May-June Contributors Don Briggs Louisiana 

Haynesville Shale Far From Over

Common thought is that the Haynesville Shale natural gas play is over. Pack up your trucks and move to another shale play. False. What the media portrays, might not be the correct facts. Indeed, the Haynesville did see a mass exodus starting in early 2012 due to natural gas prices dropping to an historic low of $1.81. What caused this… Read More
Made in Louisiana Contributors Don Briggs Louisiana 

Made in Louisiana

2013 brought about many encouraging announcements for the Louisiana oil and gas industry. While the southern portion of our state is facing hundreds of lawsuits with thousands of defendants, good news is still to be had. The Haynesville Shale experienced an uptick from 12 rigs running in 2012, to this year seeing as many as 42 rigs running. This rise… Read More
Killing the Golden Goose 2014 January-February Contributors Don Briggs Louisiana 

Killing the Golden Goose

A common saying in the South is “Don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg”. In Louisiana’s business environment, this golden goose is Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. The industry contributes in severance taxes, royalties and bonuses between 15-17% of the states general fund revenue and contributes 19 billion dollars in annual impact to the state’s economy. These dollar… Read More
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