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2019 Market Outlook

Another historic year has passed for the United States, as it has entered one of the strongest and longest growth phases since 1900. It has been an exciting time for the economy, which has been supported by lower energy costs. In the last month of 2018, crude prices fell substantially to around $52 for a barrel of WTI Crude. The… Read More
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Key Focus Areas in Pipeline Safety

The pipeline industry continues to advance its processes to address the ever-changing risks to pipeline infrastructure, and when it comes to pipeline safety, the work is never done. By growing and maintaining a skilled workforce, increasing process safety, maturing risk management programs, increasing operational efficiencies and searching for innovative ways to obtain and use pipeline data, pipeline operators can raise… Read More
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Natural Disasters Strike, but the Oil and Gas Community is Ready to Repair and Pull Through

Natural disasters have always been something everyone must think about from time to time. While it might not ever happen to you or your company, it still happens, and it is happening more and more as the Earth’s weather patterns change. In the oil and gas industry, managers must think about the possibility of natural disasters striking more often. This… Read More