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World Leaders Discuss Energy Issues

Energy issues became a central point of discussion this week as the 29 countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) met, and they are expected to be a topic of conversation as President Trump’s travels next week to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump questioned Germany’s agreement to purchase natural gas produced in Russia delivered to Germany through… Read More
U.S. and India Oil Imports Oil and Gas News 

U.S. Wants India, Allies to Stop Importing Oil From Iran by November 4, Warns of Sanctions

India is facing tremendous pressure as the United States prepares to work with allies and partners to reduce oil imports from Iran. The United States has asked all countries, including India, to stop all oil imports from Iran by November 4, 2018, or face sanctions, making it clear that there would be no waivers to anyone. Last month President Donald… Read More
Best Performing Wells In Permian Break-Even At As Low As US$22 Per Barrel Oil and Gas News Press Release 

Best Performing Wells in Permian Break-Even at as Low as US$22 Per Barrel

During the last three years, companies operating in the Permian basin have drilled much longer laterals and used substantially more complex well completion design in their newer wells with the aim of reaching higher initial production (IP) rates. Well lateral lengths in the Permian have increased in average by more than 1,500 feet (ft) since 2016 to approximately 7,500 ft… Read More
US and Russia dominate global capex on planned pipelines to 2022 Oil and Gas News Press Release 

US and Russia Dominate Global Capex on Planned Pipelines to 2022

The US and Russia will dominate global capital expenditure (capex) on planned major, trunk crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas pipelines during the outlook period 2018–2022, according to leading data and analytics company GlobalData. Canada, China and Nigeria will also be significant spenders on planned pipelines by 2022, considerably expanding their pipeline network. The company’s report ‘Global Planned Pipelines… Read More
Declines In Trust Present A Must-Seize Opportunity For American Natural Gas Oil and Gas News Press Release 

Declines in Trust Present a Must-Seize Opportunity For American Natural Gas

In 2018, trust across institutions—business, government, NGOs and the media—among members of the U.S. general population declined by nine points—the steepest drop ever measured in the United States by the Edelman Trust Barometer. But the drop was even more dramatic for the American natural gas industry—a 13-point decline in trust among the general population and a 25-point drop among the informed… Read More
CORTEC Introduces New Crv26 Pressure Relief Valve Oil and Gas News Press Release 

CORTEC Introduces New Crv26 Pressure Relief Valve

Houma, La. – CORTEC, a leading manufacturer of high quality API chokes, valves and manifolds, has introduced its new CRV26 Pressure Relief Valve (PRV). The CRV26 PRV is a product of the CORTEC Fluid Control division of CORTEC, which provides a complete line of high-end valves designed and manufactured according to specific project specifications. CRV26 PRV is engineered to protect… Read More
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