Oil exec believes oil extraction on federal lands is close #OilmanNEWS Contributors Jason Spiess Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

Oil Exec Believes Oil Extraction on Federal Lands is Close

John Yates Jr., president, and owner, Abo Empire oil and gas company, recently said in an interview with Jason Spiess that President Donald Trump is in the midst of trying to relax federal land laws in regards to oil and gas. “One of the initiatives the Trump Administration is planning on implementing is trying to open up federal lands to… Read More
Special Interview with William Prentice on Hurricane Harvey’s Impact #OilmanNEWS Contributors Jason Spiess Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

Special Interview with William Prentice on Hurricane Harvey’s Impact

Interview: William Prentice, CEO, Meridian Energy Group Prentice explains how Hurricane Harvey has impacted the progress on the Davis Refinery.  The use of specialized workers in energy and the social cause of Hurricane Harvey has created a situation where companies have to halt progress while employees, friends and families assist with the natural disaster. Prentice says the Davis Refinery’s halt in… Read More
New Jobs Emerging in UAS and Artificial Intelligence #OilmanNEWS Contributors Jason Spiess Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

New Jobs Emerging in UAS and Artificial Intelligence

Interview: Cindy Sanford, Job Service North Dakota Sanford explains how today’s youth understands using a smart phone but lacks desktop computer skills.  She also describes how the median age for oil and gas jobs is around 30. Sanford talks about how skill sets are changing in the work place and new jobs are emerging, like UAS and artificial intelligence, and… Read More
Energy Law Round Up #OilmanNEWS Contributors Oil and Gas News Podcasts Thomas G. Ciarlone, Jr. 

Energy Law Round Up – 8.21.2017

A jury verdict out of Oklahoma may be a harbinger of what’s on the horizon for the many battles being waged in courthouses across the country between operators of horizontal wells and the vertical drillers who say their wells have been damaged—or destroyed—by hydraulic fracturing. Also, the Fifth Circuit puts the kibosh on a pipeline regulator’s attempts to implement a… Read More
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