2016 January-February Oklahoma 

No Known Timeline on Improvements to OK Seismic Activity Following Mitigation Efforts

There is no way to know how long it might be before Oklahoma sees a reduction in seismic activity following the new risk mitigation measures put in place by state regulators this year, an Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) spokesperson told Oilman on Nov. 16. The spokesperson said that the efforts by regulators and the industry to reduce injections into Oklahoma’s… Read More
#OilmanNEWS 2016 January-February 

FERC Says 22 LNG Export Projects Pending, Permitting Grows ‘More Challenging’

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as of November has approved seven LNG export projects, and another 22 are either pending with formal applications or are in the pre-filing stage, Commissioner Tony Clark said on Dec. 1. “The ongoing demand for natural gas infrastructure is not surprising given the changes occurring in the energy world,” Clark said during a hearing… Read More
#OilmanNEWS 2016 January-February Texas 

Sanchez Eagle Ford Acquisition ‘Cornerstone’ of Midstream Business; Value Hindered by Market

The recent acquisition by Sanchez Production Partners (SPP) of pipeline, gathering and compression assets in the Eagle Ford Shale from Sanchez Energy Corp. will serve as “the cornerstone” of SPP’s midstream business moving forward, SPP Interim CEO Gerry Willinger said on Nov. 13. “The represents the culmination of over two years of work to refocus and… Read More
#OilmanNEWS 2016 January-February 

TransCanada Reviewing Options Following Denial of Keystone XL Permit

Following an official announcement from President Barack Obama on Nov. 6 that his administration will deny TransCanada’s permit application for the Keystone XL pipeline project, the developer said it will review all of its options to move the project forward. Those options, TransCanada said, would include filing a new application to receive a Presidential Permit for a cross border crude… Read More
#OilmanNEWS 2016 January-February Texas 

Chinese Buy Texas Oil Fields

Foreign companies are seizing the opportunity to invest in U.S. oil and gas assets. As the U.S. becomes less dependent on fossil fuels, other countries are jumping in to the markets. A major development in the takeover happened in late October when the Chinese investment holding company Yantai Xinchao Industry Co. Ltd. filed documents stating it will pay $1.3 billion… Read More
2016 January-February Energy Scene 

Innovation in the Face of a Tough Market: It’s Time to Attend a Trade Show

It’s time for oil and gas professionals to defeat the downturn by ensuring efficiency and profitability. It’s time to attend a trade show. Trade shows offer unique benefits for oil and gas professionals who, due to market conditions, are looking to strategically implement cost-savings: See improvements applied to tried and true technologies: Moji Karimi of Weatherford made several suggestions in… Read More
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