Mark Stansberry 2019 March-April Environmental Mark A. Stansberry 

America’s Energy and Environmental Stewardship

In 1992, I founded the IEPC (International Energy Policy Conference) with the theme being “Striving for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Preservation.” This underlying theme has been part of each conference event which has been held in Tulsa, Norman, OK, Stillwater, OK, Washington, D.C., Denver, Houston, Oklahoma City, and other locations. Twenty-seven years later, from the first IEPC conference, America’s energy… Read More
Behind The Scene: The Iron Orchard 2019 March-April Energy Scene 

Behind The Scene: The Iron Orchard

Referred to as The Wildcatter’s Bible, The Iron Orchard was a classic Texas novel. It spans three decades of the life and inner workings of the oil industry in the Permian.  Written in 1967 by Edmund Van Zandt under the pseudonym of Tom Pendleton. The Van Zandt’s were a prominent Fort Worth family and fearful of his tell-all story, he… Read More
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