O3b mPOWER will further strengthen the ability of offshore providers to capitalize on cloud services by delivering multi-gigabit, low-latency connectivity. 2019 November-December Offshore 

Driving Offshore Growth with Satellite Communications

Digitalization in the offshore market has begun to ramp up, with new technologies poised to deliver substantial costs savings and improved profitability to the industry. However, these technologies depend on the existence of robust and reliable connectivity – a challenge for many offshore operators, particularly as they venture into deeper waters that are frequently out of range of traditional terrestrial… Read More
Guide Center - Matt Routh Working 2019 November-December 

A Closer Look at Remote Operations Centers

Operators go to great lengths to accurately position wells and avoid well collisions as they continue to search for ways to manage oilfield drilling operations effectively to maximize performance and production, while also lowering costs. As a result of these trends, operators and oilfield service providers (such as Gyrodata) have introduced new drilling technologies and services into the market that… Read More
Drilling for IoT Data Insight 2019 November-December Exploration & Production Technology 

Drilling for IoT Data Insight

Digital technologies have been a critical factor in the oil and gas industry’s transformation. Beyond transforming the industry, the integration of “smart” technologies now has the potential to create additional cost-savings from existing capacity. McKinsey research confirms how effective use of digital technologies can “reduce capital expenditures by up to 20 percent” while reducing operating costs “in upstream by 3… Read More
Five Essential Mobile Device Management Features for Oil and Gas Personnel 2019 November-December 

Five Essential Mobile Device Management Features for Oil and Gas Personnel

Challenges abound in the oil and gas industry: from navigating unpredictable – and often treacherous – weather conditions to maintaining production levels and ensuring the safety and security of staff and equipment across a range of locations. It’s clear to see the role mission-critical communications technology plays in the smooth operation, safety and efficiency of both headquartered and remote worksites.… Read More
Machine as a Service Will Be the Star of Industry 4.0 2019 November-December 

Machine as a Service Will Be the Star of Industry 4.0

Why MaaS Is Shining Brightly, Positioned as the New Software as a Service Global cloud service revenues exceeded $175 billion in 2018, and Gartner expects them to grow beyond $278 billion by 2021. SaaS (Software as a service) has been the star in that success story. It contributed more than $72 billion to 2018 global cloud service revenues, and SaaS… Read More
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