A Social Exchange: Luke Schilhab, Grind Time Mulching Podcasts 

A Social Exchange: Luke Schilhab, Grind Time Mulching

Interview: Luke Schilhab, Grind Time Mulching Luke Schilhab, Grind Time Mulching, talks about the day-to-day operations in the oil and gas business. From clearing sites to pipeline preparation Schilhab explains how grinding the area saves money and time for the energy companies. Shilhab can be connected on Linked In, and FaceBook. Read More
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Energy Law Round Up – 2.5.2018

In our latest episode, Tom is joined by the head of KRCL’s Distressed Strategies Practice Group, Mike Ridulfo, for the third installment of a six-part series featuring guest speakers from Kane Russell Coleman Logan PC on a range of legal pitfalls in the oil and gas sector. Specifically, Mike addresses developing bankruptcy and insolvency issues facing companies operating in the upstream and midstream segments. Read More
Energy Events: NAPE EXPO, Greg Reidl Podcasts 

Energy Events: NAPE EXPO, Greg Reidl

Greg Riedl, NAPE Expo, gives an overview of the industry’s major event, held in Houston, TX. This year, NAPE Summit is celebrating 25 years of bringing together dealmakers from all around the world to connect, reconnect and make deals happen. NAPE is the oil and gas industry’s marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of prospects and producing properties. NAPE… Read More

The Weekly Word: Wet and Dry Gas, NY Fracs and the Marcellus

This Weekly Word with Jason Spiess and the professor Stephen Heins hosts Tom Shepstone from Pennsylvania, who is an urban consultant, community planner, researcher and advisor for zoning and land use in the Northeast of the U.S. Shepstone began the conversation by providing a history of the Appalachian Basin over the last 10years. Shepstone described the Fracking Revolution as a… Read More
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The Weekly Word: Investing in Shale Play USA

The Weekly Word is a weekly high level discussion about energy, quality of life, globalism and the environment.  This week Professor Stephen Heins and Jason Spiess are joined by Tsering Ngudu is a Senior Equity Analyst at Tocqueville Asset Management L.P. Summary written by Stephen Heins, The Word Merchant.   Jason Spiess and “the professor” Stephen Heins host Tsering Ngudu, Senior Analyst of… Read More
Davis Refinery Podcasts 

Building the Bakken Radio Episode 232: Ground Breakers in Energy Development, Davis Refinery Public Meeting

Weekly Davis Refinery Update Interview: Dan Hedrington, principal, SEH Hedrington gives details on the public meeting for The Davis Refinery’s air permit approval, January 17, in Dickinson. He also gives details on other ways to give public comments with the North Dakota Department of Health. GroundBreakers Special Interview: Brian Kalk, Director of Energy Systems Development, EERC Kalk gives an overview of some… Read More

Energy Law Round Up Contributors Podcasts Thomas G. Ciarlone, Jr. 

Energy Law Round Up – 1.8.2018

This week, Tom is joined by his Houston-based partner, AJ Johnson, for the second installment of a six-part series featuring guest speakers from Kane Russell Coleman Logan PC on a variety of key and emerging legal issues impacting the oil-and-gas industry. AJ tackles a topic that is a perennial headache for energy companies: the theft and misappropriation of trade secrets by ex-employees. Listen to… Read More
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