Davis Refinery Update

Energy Communities Interview: Rob Lindberg, director, Bakken Backers Lindberg talks about Bakken Backers and their political advocacy regarding the oil and gas industry. Current Energy Interview: Lynn Helms, director, North Dakota Department of Minerals Helms gives an update on the Bakken, explains natural gas futures and why Bakken companies have to become more aggressive to attract investments away from Texas and… Read More

Davis Refinery, Hurricane Harvey Impact and Motivating Energy Communities

Hurricane Harvey Update Interview: Dr. Loren Scott, energy expert and president, Loren Scott and Associates Scott explains what types of crews are going to be needed in the clean up effort in the Gulf and how it will impact Shale Play USA. Davis Refinery Update Interview: William Prentice, CEO, Davis Refinery and Meridian Energy Group Prentice gives an overview on how Hurricane Harvey has… Read More
Energy Law Round Up Podcasts 

Energy Law Round Up – 9.11.2017

In this week’s episode, Tom discusses the fiduciary obligations of the executive to non-executive mineral interest owners, as well as an important new appellate decision about acreage retention clauses keyed off of proration units. Your weekly briefing on legal news and developments in the energy industry, brought to you by oil-and-gas trial lawyer, Tom Ciarlone, Jr. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare… Read More
Technology and Politics Mix in the Downstream 2017 September-October Oilman Podcasts Podcasts 

Feature Podcast: Technology and Politics Mix in the Downstream

There’s a popular phrase in American public affairs: “All politics is local.” Although the quip is more closely aligned to former U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill, its origins are far more unclear than a simple history textbook reference. Applied more liberally, it’s an idiom that can hold true for any industry heavily immersed in both technological advances and political jockeying,… Read More
Special Interview with William Prentice on Hurricane Harvey’s Impact Podcasts 

Special Interview with William Prentice on Hurricane Harvey’s Impact

Interview: William Prentice, CEO, Meridian Energy Group Prentice explains how Hurricane Harvey has impacted the progress on the Davis Refinery.  The use of specialized workers in energy and the social cause of Hurricane Harvey has created a situation where companies have to halt progress while employees, friends and families assist with the natural disaster. Prentice says the Davis Refinery’s halt in… Read More
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