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Product Showcase: Lift Off Pipe Rest

“Lift Off” Pipe Supports, LLC of Lake Charles, Louisiana announces a new solution to crevice corrosion between piping and support beam surfaces. The “Lift Off” Pipe Rest (LOR) is a patented, glass-reinforced composite resin pipe support rest that provides a non-corrosive barrier between pipes and support beams, eliminating the potential for corrosion. LORs are designed to meet the thermal and mechanical requirements… Read More
ST9 Gas + Oil unveils new XGen Fluid End as second product launch 2018 March-April Exploration & Production 

Product Showcase: ST9 Fluid End

With a focus on the fundamentals, Houston-based ST9 Gas + Oil has released the new XGen Fluid End for frac and well service pumps. This is the second high-performance technology product the company has released to pursue their goal of becoming industry leaders for performance, cost, and quality. Engineered by industry experts, ST9’s XGen Fluid End uses patented K-urve technology… Read More
Patent Pending On Danos Solar Chemical Injection System 2017 September-October Exploration & Production Product Showcase 

Product Showcase: Danos

Danos has invented a solar powered, continuous chemical injection system (CCIS) that significantly improves upon existing systems. By leveraging its expertise in both solar power and hydraulics, the company has created an improved solar powered chemical injection system that delivers more accurate injection rates, fewer power failures and greater fluid capacity. Prior to the invention, existing solar power options had… Read More
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