#OilmanNEWS 2015 May-June Technology 

ABB Advances Oil Field Networking

ABB has introduced the Tropos 6420-XA, a fourth-generation outdoor broadband mesh router that is an oil well pad communications hub for all life cycle phases from lease to production. Using the Tropos 6420-XA, upstream oil and gas companies can own a single wireless network to meet all their communication needs throughout the oil well pad life cycle. According to ABB,… Read More
#OilmanNEWS 2015 May-June Technology 

BP Deploys Schlumberger’s Petrel Software

BP has agreed to use Schlumberger’s Petrel E&P software platform to support BP’s new digital technology roll out. The first deployment of the two-year global implementation has been successfully completed for staff at the company’s business unit in Aberdeen, Scotland. “The Petrel platform is replacing an existing software toolkit to help upstream technical staff optimize work processes, improve efficiency and… Read More
New Oil-Gas Certificate Prepares UTSA Students To Enter Booming Industry #OilmanNEWS 2015 May-June Technology 

Mtell, MapR Release Mtell Reservoir

Mtelligence Corp. (Mtell) and MapR Technologies Inc. have released a big data platform, called Mtell Reservoir, which uses the MapR Distribution, including Hadoop, Mtell Previse Software, and Open time-series database software technology. The system ingests and analyzes real-time sensor and historical data alongside maintenance data that are generated from industrial equipment for oil rigs. Designed specifically for data center user… Read More
Oil and Gas Going Social: Will Our Industry Ever Reap the Benefits of Social Branding? 2014 November-December Louisiana Oklahoma Technology Texas 

Oil and Gas Going Social: Will Our Industry Ever Reap the Benefits of Social Branding?

There’s no denying that online social media platforms have transformed consumer brands. But can social technology really be valuable to the oil and gas world? With critics and opposition loudly voicing their opinions through social channels, our industry has been among the last to jump on the Twitter-Facebook-Instagram-Pinterest bandwagon. Without an obvious strategy for the oil and gas industry to… Read More
Anti-Piracy Systems Standing Watch on Vessels in Pirate Infected Waters 2014 November-December Louisiana Oklahoma Technology Texas 

Anti-Piracy Systems Standing Watch on Vessels in Pirate Infected Waters

Today’s oilfields can often be located in dangerous and remote waters, but anti-piracy detection and deterrence technology is being developed today as a fully automated system. During transit or operations, a vessel is at its most vulnerable state in regards to piracy and threats from unidentified vessels. A vessel safety and security system is vital to operations in such areas,… Read More
2014 September-October Louisiana Oklahoma Technology Texas 

Network & Technology Integration Bridge the Gap for the Oil & Gas Industries

Network technology has long been the focus of MidSouth Technologies, a Louisiana-based Technology and Systems Integrator. The company has been specializing in custom solutions for the Marine Oil & Gas industry for over 11 years. Some of the company’s custom technology solutions have been reducing the operating costs of vessel fleets around the world. These technologies allow the office experience… Read More
2014 July-August Technology 

PinnergyShalewater to Provide Complete Water and Fluid Management Solutions Throughout the U.S. Shale Basins

PinnergyShalewater has developed a patent-pending water tracking and management application specifically to address the needs and requirements for oil and gas water management. Pinnergy, Ltd. and Shalewater Solutions, LLC today announced a joint venture to provide complete, integrated water management solutions to support oil and gas operations throughout the U.S. shale basins. The joint venture will operate under the name… Read More
2014 May-June Technology 

Using ERP Solutions for Agility and Profitability

The oil and gas field services industry, like the broader energy industry it serves, faces a time of dramatic challenge and change. Technological innovation, supply-and-demand, demographic shifts, environmental pressures, geopolitical relationships, social influences and the emergence of new competitors are transforming and reshaping the industry. Oil and gas field services face regulatory, financial and scientific challenges far more complex than… Read More
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