Augmented Reality: More than a Game 2019 September-October Technology 

Augmented Reality: More than a Game

There are all kinds of new technologies and up and coming software out there that are capturing our attention daily. It’s exciting to wait in anticipation for what is around the corner, metaphorically and literally, as you watch newscasters video the masses camping out waiting for the newest iPhone to arrive in stores. When you think “new and exciting technology”… Read More
#OilmanNEWS Oil and Gas News Technology 

Turning Data into Intelligent Action

Industrial consumers have more access to data than ever before, but what to do with it? Can advancements in technology really make us better tomorrow than today? This thought-provoking article will introduce a concept to building context into data to ultimately achieve intelligent actions or recommendations from computing systems. While our example will hit home for water treaters, the concept… Read More
Battery issues confront development of electric vehicles #OilmanNEWS Alex Mills Contributors Oil and Gas News Technology 

Battery Issues Confront Development of Electric Vehicles

The automobile industry has searched for several decades for the solutions to the many problems it faces in developing vehicles powered by batteries solely. General Motors (GM) has a long history in trying to develop its EV1 electric car but discontinued that effort in 2003, but continued to offer hybrid vehicles, which operate on battery power with gasoline powered engines… Read More
Photo courtesy of Gydrodata 2019 July-August Data Exploration & Production Onshore Technology 

The Drilling Industry Reaps the Rewards of Data Analytics

The drilling industry’s push for increased digitalization has been driven by new data formats, innovative software applications as well as an ever-increasing abundance of real-time data. Oil rigs have turned into massive sources of data that help engineers, some of whom work at ROCs (remote operations centers) aid operators in gaining greater yields and less downtime. Oil companies also utilize… Read More
Digital Twin Technology Can Drive Greater Efficiency, Support New Business 2019 July-August Business Technology 

Digital Twin Technology Can Drive Greater Efficiency, Support New Business

Oil and gas industry experts are constantly searching for ways to produce energy more efficiently. And they are seeking methods to improve health and safety in their environments. Digital twin technology, which creates digital replicas of physical resources, is here to help. The industry can apply digital twins to high-fidelity equipment. It also can employ digital twin technology at the… Read More
Oil and Gas Technology, Full-Speed Ahead 2019 July-August Technology 

Oil and Gas Technology, Full-Speed Ahead!

Until the major downturn of 2014, the oil and gas industry has been a staunch, conservative industry that was a behemoth, slow to change. However, during the downturn, managers and executives realized they were on the precipice: continue with the old ways of doing business or start embracing technology to cut waste and increase profits to survive the oil and… Read More
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