Transportation Oil and Gas Congress 2023

Transportation Oil and Gas Congress 2023 (TOGC 2023) takes place on February 20-21, 2023. The Congress brings together representatives from the whole pipeline chain and focuses on both strategic and technical issues of the oil and gas pipeline transportation.

Among the participants are leading pipeline operators, national oil and gas companies, EPC contractors, solutions and service providers who come together to network and talk over present market solutions. Shell Energy Turkey, Equinor, Linde Group, TotalEnergies, Wood, and other big players have already registered as the Congress delegates.

The business program of TOGC 2023 includes Panels, show type sessions based on discussion between panelists. Panelists discuss the role of pipelines in a sustainable future, digital transformation and optimization: trends and technologies, pipeline economics, pipeline integrity, H2 in Gas Grid.

Within Panels regarding H2 delegates are going to talk about green and blue H2, finding equipment and solutions for H2 transformation, supply-demand, market readiness for H2 and many others.

Digital transformation and optimization of the pipeline industry is also among the topics that are raised in frames of TOGC 2023. Panelists discuss AR, VR and simulation technologies, digital twins, collecting Data and Data management, industrial Internet of Things and smart management systems.

Among the topics included in the business program of the Congress:

  • H2 in Gas Grid: first results
  • Digital transformation and optimization: trends and technologies
  • Recent pipeline projects: construction and commissioning challenges
  • Pipeline Economics: reaching cost efficiency
  • Pipeline security: old and new risks
  • Moving to sustainable future: the role of pipelines

Request the full business program of the Congress here:

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Feb 20 - 21 2023


All Day

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Istanbul, Turkey
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