Drilling Technology Knows No Bounds 2018 January-February Downstream 

Drilling Technology Knows No Bounds

Scientists and researchers are continually on the forefront of new drilling technology development, to allow companies to compete in a tighter profit-margin market. Some are new types of technology and others utilize existing technologies but employ a novel technique to their use. Below are some of the new technologies and techniques that are currently being used in the field and… Read More
2018 January-February 

From Siloed Data to Integrated Capabilities

From production efficiency to cost reduction, business challenges in the upstream are still driven by low oil prices. Sector leaders recognize the chance to improve operational efficiency and increase production as a basis for future prosperity and they know that, in this tough energy economy, IT must drive business value through innovative technology solutions. That’s why they are investing in… Read More
South Asia Region Becomes Global LNG Hotspot 2018 January-February 

South Asia Region Becomes Global LNG Hotspot

International market experts, analysts, consultant agencies and specialists in the oil and gas sector see more growth in the Asian LNG market instead of Europe, especially from non-OECD countries. Analysts believe that several factors will come into play to make Asian a strong trading market in 2018. The easing crude prices due to constant increasing U.S. production, OPEC’s decision to… Read More
2018 Oil & Gas Market Outlook 2018 January-February Features 

2018 Oil & Gas Market Outlook

Few industries are as accustomed to change as oil and gas. From the rapid emergence of new technologies to dramatic ups and downs in the market, the fluid nature of the industry always offers up good discussion material as the year comes to a close. Each year is also tug of war between both good and bad that develops for… Read More
2018 January-February Technology 

Savings Across The Board: How Anomaly Detection & Prediction Improves Business Performance In Oil And Gas

Leading oil and gas companies haven’t exactly been quick to bring their maintenance systems up to date. And with that comes huge risks to the environment, workers, and an organization’s financial state. The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, for example, killed 11 platform workers and was named ‘the worst U.S. environmental disaster.’ But even if organizations do sidestep calamity, outages… Read More
2018 January-February Interviews 

Interview with Giles Edward, CEO, M-Flow

The following is an interview with M-Flow CEO Giles Edward. M-Flow is a UK-based metering company providing repeatable metering products to the oil and gas industry. Responses were submitted in writing and have been left unchanged. Tim McNally: How many founders came together to develop the technology produced by M-Flow, and why was 2012 the year that they set out… Read More
2018 January-February Contributors Don Briggs 

Changing Headlines

It is not uncommon to hear people all across Louisiana talking about the Permian Basin and for a good reason. The west Texas formation saw its first commercial oil well completed in 1921, and since then, the basin continues to be a predominant supplier of United States oil and gas. Some even say that an oil and gas recovery begins… Read More
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