2018 July-August 

Interview: Ragen Borel, CEO, MAP Oil Tools

The following is an interview with Ragen Borel, CEO, MAP Oil Tools. The interview text has been left in tact, with only minor grammatical adjustments. Tonae’ Hamilton: How did you become the CEO of MAP Oil Tools? Ragen Borel: I started working for Serva Group in Wichita Falls, TX, parent company of Map Oil Tools, in 1994 as a warehouseman,… Read More
ARI Infographic 2018 July-August 

Oil and Gas Fleets Continue to Gear Up Vehicle Orders

As the price of crude oil dropped through the mid part of the decade, oil and gas companies understandably had to cinch their purse strings a little tighter in many aspects of their operations. This especially rang true in their fleet budgets. In the oil and gas industry, fleet is a key contributor to revenue and plays a large role… Read More
Stopping Corrosion Under Insulation in Global Oil and Gas Facilities 2018 July-August 

Stopping Corrosion Under Insulation in Global Oil and Gas Facilities

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is the root cause of many of the global petrochemical industry’s most serious problems including forced shutdowns, lost production, early repair and replacement, as well as safety and environmental consequences that can cost millions of dollars per incident. CUI, which involves the corrosion of vessels or piping beneath insulation due to water penetration, is insidious because… Read More
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