2017 March-April Features 

Advancing Data Functionality for Offshore

Systems and Services that Optimize Organizational Results The industrial internet of things is transforming the offshore oil and gas sector. One estimate claims that a typical offshore oil platform generates up to 2 terra bytes of data per day – that’s the equivalent of 1 million digital camera images. Cisco, in its report “A New Reality for Oil and Gas,”… Read More
2017 March-April 

Oilman is Partnering With The Following Events

2nd Annual Process Safety in Oil and Gas Marriott Westchase 2900 Briarpark Drive Houston, TX March 7-8, 2017 https://energyconferencenetwork.com East Texas Oil and Gas Convention Maude Cobb Convention Center 100 Grand Blvd. Longview, TX March 21-22, 2017 http://roselandoilandgas.com 2nd Annual Machine Learning in Oil and Gas The Westin Hotel, Memorial City 945 Gessner Road Houston, TX April 19-20, 2017 https://energyconferencenetwork.com… Read More
2017 March-April 

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Are Flying High in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is typically slow to respond to new technology outside of their comfort zone. They’re on par with the FAA’s inability to quickly create rules regulating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)— also referred to as drones. “The biggest surprise was around the very methodical approach this industry as a whole seems to take when it comes to… Read More
2017 March-April 

Stripper Wells Go from 1 BBL to 15 BBL Per Day

Jenfitch, LLC, working with a private independent oil service firm from Houston, recently conducted a field study on four different low producing oil wells (stripper wells) in Pecos County, Texas. These wells were generating one to two barrels of oil per day. Using several different methods of injecting JC 9450 into the well, the production increased up to 15 barrels… Read More
2017 March-April 

Accidents are Down But Insurance Is Up in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is a volatile marketplace. Not only does the price swing up and down, but pipes swing around, come uncoupled, break, burst, and worst case explode. An oilfield can be like a minefield, as accidents are just waiting to happen. Company leaders must hire executives who can navigate the insurance industry like a tiger in the… Read More
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