U.S. CO2 Emissions at Lowest Level in 20 Years, Thanks to Fracking 2014 May-June Texas 

U.S. CO2 Emissions at Lowest Level in 20 Years, Thanks to Fracking

Something to celebrate this Earth Day: carbon dioxide emissions in the United States are at their lowest level in twenty years, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) credits shale development and fracking technologies with this positive development. “ rapid deployment of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technologies, which has increased and diversified the gas supply… is an important… Read More
Investing in Mineral Rights 2014 May-June Texas 

Smitherman: Texas Could Break Oil Record by 2020

Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman said Friday the shale revolution could drive the state’s oil production to record levels before the end of the decade. Oil production in Texas is now close to 2 million barrels a day. And Smitherman, speaking at the IHS CERAweek energy conference in Houston, said the state could be at 3 million barrels by… Read More
Marathon Proposes La. Refinery Expansion 2014 May-June Louisiana 

Marathon Proposes La. Refinery Expansion

Marathon Petroleum Corp. said it is taking the next step toward a potential $2.2 billion to $2.5 billion upgrade to the company’s Garyville refinery and expects to make a final decision on the project by early 2015. The St. John the Baptist Parish project would create 65 new direct jobs, with an average annual salary of $115,000 per year, plus… Read More
Environmentalists Don't Want You To Know This, But Here's How Natural Gas Is Changing America 2014 May-June Louisiana 

Sabine Pass Natural Gas Plant, The Next ‘Keystone’

At the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico along the Texas-Louisiana border, Cheniere Energy could be just weeks away from breaking ground on the first natural gas exporting facility ever built in the lower 48 states. It’s also where a new fight with echoes of the Keystone pipeline is building, pitting economic development against environmental protection. To Cheniere (LNG) and its… Read More
Investing in Mineral Rights 2014 November-December Joseph P. DeWoody Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

Investing in Mineral Rights

The old adage across the plains of West Texas is to “Never Sell Your Mineral Rights!” And for good reason, the ownership of mineral rights provides families with a generational wealth preservation tool that surpasses many investment opportunities in the current marketplace. Mineral ownership is a perpetual ownership of the real estate under the surface of the earth. Often severed… Read More
Haynesville Shale Far From Over 2014 May-June Contributors Don Briggs Louisiana 

Haynesville Shale Far From Over

Common thought is that the Haynesville Shale natural gas play is over. Pack up your trucks and move to another shale play. False. What the media portrays, might not be the correct facts. Indeed, the Haynesville did see a mass exodus starting in early 2012 due to natural gas prices dropping to an historic low of $1.81. What caused this… Read More
King Coal is Dying; Prince Oil & Gas is Next 2014 May-June David Blackmon 

King Coal is Dying; Prince Oil & Gas is Next

Several years ago, during a period of time when some in the oil and natural gas industry were engaging various environmentalist organizations in discussions on how to promote and better regulate natural gas as a fuel for power generation, a very wise man took me aside and said, “Don’t kid yourself. These groups are focused on killing coal right now,… Read More
Forbes: State Department Closes Eyes To Truth In Keystone XL Pipeline Report 2014 May-June Louisiana Mike Thomas Oklahoma Texas 

Maintaining High Security and Pipeline Peace of Mind

Pipeline security requires a combination of assorted technology systems to maintain control during pipeline initiation, installation, and operation. Sociotechnical systems influences organizational results through first developing tacit knowledge on underlying factors assorted sociotechnical relationships offer an organization (Haavik, 2011). Technology systems (TS) divided by four sociotechnical organizational factors will lead management to control waggish colloquies and fill inspection gaps. The… Read More
Boogeyman Hydraulic Fracturing is Being Blamed for a Drought in California - Seriously? 2014 May-June Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

Company Will Pipe “Treated Wastewater” for Oil and Gas Production

RDX Technologies Corporation officials plan to pipe treated wastewater from a facility in Odessa to oil leases, pursuing a water delivery method for oil and gas operations that the company’s CEO Dennis Danzik described as a first-of-its kind approach. Danzik, in a Monday conference call, would not say where the water treatment and energy technology company’s Odessa properties are, because… Read More
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