Mark Stansberry 2019 May-June Mark A. Stansberry 

50 Years Later: The Impact of Discovery

Fifty years ago, in 1969, natural gas was found in tremendous commercial volumes at the GHK Company #1 Green well, completed at a depth of 24,147 feet in the Anadarko Basin. This is approximately a mile southeast of Elk City, Oklahoma, my hometown. In those fifty years, thanks to the beginning of exploration in the Anadarko Basin, natural gas has… Read More
AMC Fireproofing Yard 2019 May-June Downstream Safety 

Transforming Fireproofing in the Downstream

In the event of a hydrocarbon plant fire, unprotected structural steel will only last a few minutes before it collapses. Whether it is a pipe rack or vessels, heat could lead to the catastrophic collapse of the structure, making it crucial to protect it. Various fireproofing systems have been utilized over many years to protect these steel structures. Surprisingly, there… Read More
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