Fox Thermal 2018 November-December Product Showcase 

Product Showcase: Fox Thermal

FOX THERMAL has launched a new product – the Model FT4X Thermal Mass Flow Meter – ideal for serving Oil & Gas and Industrial applications. The new FOX Model FT4X allows the user to enter a Custom Gas Composition to optimize the flow meters calibration and calculate Density and Gross Heating Value. The FT4X is a high-end flow meter, and… Read More
2018 November-December 

Protective Clothing Buyer’s Guide for the Oil Industry

The oil and gas industry is dangerous because of the hazardous activities that take place at the worksite. It’s the responsibility of employers in this industry to recognize and control the potential hazards as much as possible, which means creating a workplace safety culture and providing the right equipment for the job to ensure that the risk of injuries and… Read More
2018 November-December 

Drones Making Headway in Advancing E&P

Technological advances have been a theme in the energy sector through the decades, used by aggressive operators to make drilling or production activities more efficient and cost effective. Recently, many of these technological advances have involved horizontal drilling or completion techniques in unconventional reservoirs. One of the more intriguing and unconventional technological developments now being adopted is the use of… Read More
2018 November-December 

Solving the Capacity Crunch in Today’s Petrochemical Supply Chain

It has become extremely difficult to optimize product movements across an increasingly complex petrochemical supply chain. Chokepoints at shale oil fields are complicated by capacity problems further down the logistical stream that are stimulating the construction and expansion of oil export terminals. Today’s challenges are slowing down product transports, increasing costs, and threatening to prevent oil companies from realizing the… Read More
2018 November-December 

How Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Can Prevent Cyberattacks in Oil & Gas Environments

Like all sectors of critical infrastructure, the oil and gas industry has emerged as a top target for cyberattack, yet most companies are not doing nearly enough to mitigate the risks. Demand for business insight and device monitoring has led many oil and gas companies to merge OT (Operational Technology), such as their control systems, with enterprise IT systems. While… Read More
Kent Landrum 2018 November-December 

Preparing for Digital Downstream Supply Chain Capabilities

Several major downstream companies have recently embarked upon large-scale digital transformations with anticipated capital spend tallying in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. While these initiatives promise significant returns, not all small to midsize refining organizations are prepared to double down on digital and make investments of this magnitude. On the other hand, there are numerous “no regrets”… Read More
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