2018 September-October 

Innovating the Industry with an Energy Start-up

Building and launching a start-up in any industry can be difficult. Building a business requires time, money/investment, experience, and connections. Nevertheless, more individuals nowadays are taking the entrepreneurial route to expand their careers. With the spread of technology, building a business in recent years has become more practical. Two young entrepreneurs, Tyler Moehlman and William Vandiver have recently developed a… Read More
Tom Ciarone 2018 September-October Thomas G. Ciarlone, Jr. 

The Neverending Story: “Fixed” vs. “Floating” Royalties in Texas

The Texas Supreme Court and our Courts of Appeals have now been struggling for years with the elusive distinction between “fixed” and “floating” royalties. In application, the difference between the two can have drastic and, depending on your position in a mineral title dispute, potentially catastrophic consequences. The case law has, by no means, been a model of clarity or… Read More
2018 September-October Interviews 

Interview: Tom Williams, President of Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA)

Below is an interview with RPSEA President, Tom Williams. The interview text has been left in tact, with only minor grammatical adjustments. Eric Eissler: Regarding the technology roadmap, which I really like the title, “Keeping it Going for the Long Haul – the Easy Stuff is Gone.” I have been saying that for a long time. The technology developed today… Read More
Gifford Briggs 2018 September-October Gifford Briggs 

Elections: What’s at Stake

If there ever were a time in U.S. history when the phrase “elections have consequences” would be most accurate, now would be that time. The contrast between the past and current United States President could not be more different. Under President Obama, we experienced a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, endless regulations and negative rhetoric. Under President… Read More
2018 September-October Jason Spiess 

Meridian Energy Group Meeting Timeline Objectives for Davis Refinery While Expanding Engineering Operations in Houston

Meridian Energy Group is well underway with its efforts to build the Davis Refinery. Davis, commonly referred to as the “Cleanest Refinery on the Planet,” was permitted as a synthetic minor source by the NDDoH (North Dakota Department of Health – Air Quality) after an extensive 18-month review. This PTC (Permit to Construct) issued by the NDDoH validated all of… Read More
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