5 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Benefit Crude Oil Marketers 2019 September-October Technology 

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Benefit Crude Oil Marketers

We all likely remember when supply chain visibility first revolutionized the commodity management industry. We saw early adopters and visionaries experience unprecedented growth, as they now had access to a game-changing technology that optimized their supply chains for the very first time. Now, there are two new technologies primed to change the commodity management game again. Artificial intelligence (AI) and… Read More
Graphene – Photo courtesy of Digital Trends 2019 September-October 

Why Not Graphene?

Graphene is a sub-derivative material of the most abundant element on our planet: carbon. Known by scientists as the miraculous material, graphene is positioned as the biggest dream of manufacturers of materials such as spaceships, pipes protective covers, computer parts, auto parts for both bodywork and engines. It has also become the perfect compound for batteries and phone screens, computers… Read More
The Trouble with Oil Price Predictions 2019 September-October Downstream 

The Trouble with Oil Price Predictions

Predicting oil prices is notoriously difficult because oil prices reflect both supply and demand dynamics. Of course, supply issues garner the lion’s share of the media’s attention – often around geopolitical shocks – and are inherently unpredictable. Nevertheless, in reality, the demand side of the equation dominates sustained swings in oil price inflation. Having studied such cyclical dynamics for decades,… Read More
Oil From Garbage: Any Prospects? 2019 September-October Innovation 

Oil From Garbage: Any Prospects?

At the end of 2018 Wiederkehr Recycling AG (Switzerland) successfully held the second stage of continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200 commissioning. The pilot run of the plant was carried along with C65 (65 kW) Capstone microturbine. The Thermal Decomposition Plant is equipped with a generator operating on produced pyrolysis gas presented with the maximum declared capacity. The first stage of commissioning… Read More
Image courtesy of Metegrity 2019 September-October Security 

Enhance Security in Oil and gas Asset Integrity Management: The Latest Technologies and Strategies to Protect Digital Data

The IIoT has transformed the landscape of Asset Integrity Management for the oil and gas industry. By empowering owner-operators with the ability to interconnect a vast array of physical assets on one digital platform, IIoT facilitates improved productivity, profitability, inspection scheduling, and corrosion mitigation – all while significantly reducing the likelihood of asset failure. These benefits have been driving the… Read More
Mark Stansberry 2019 September-October Mark A. Stansberry 

The National Energy Dialogue Continues

The first International Energy Policy Conference was held in 1992. One of the speakers of the conference stated, “I think most Americans would welcome messages from an industry expressly committed to the importance of what it does, confident in its ability to manage risks, and willing to defend its important work against extremist assault. Most Americans understand the need for… Read More
Thomas G. Ciarlone, Jr. 2019 September-October Thomas G. Ciarlone, Jr. 

Sixth Circuit Fans the Flames of Class Certification Against Operators

Class certification in the oil patch frequently revolves around whether the putative class can satisfy Rule 23’s commonality and predominance requirements. The recent trend has been toward increasingly troubling developments for operators, including courts that focus on ostensibly “common” facts that are irrelevant to the claims asserted or, worse yet, courts that have more or less marginalized material differences in… Read More
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