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What is OILMAN Connect?

OILMAN Connect brings together oil and gas professionals from around the world to discuss technology topics and share products shaping the digital oilfield. A rapidly changing business landscape calls for an innovative approach to business development and networking.

Who Should Attend

Upstream E&P Operators, Midstream Companies, Petrochemical, Refinery, and Processing Plants, in addition to EPC and Oilfield Service Companies with the following job titles:

✅Chief Executive Officer

✅Chief Financial Officer

✅Vice President Procurement

✅Chief Information Officer (CIO)

✅Vice President of Operations

✅Senior Vice President of Logistics

✅Chief Technology Officer

✅VP Continuous Improvement

✅Chief Operations Officer

✅Vice President of Security

✅Head of Emerging Technology

✅Digitization Lead

✅Chief Architect

✅Strategic Growth Director

✅Vice President Technology

✅Head of Data Analytics

✅Head of IT

✅Digital Strategy

✅Automation Lead

✅EPC Director

✅Operations Manager

✅Field Superintendent

✅Engineering Manager

✅Production Engineer

✅Chief Project Director

✅Process Engineer

✅Software Director

✅Development Manager

✅Director Business Development

✅Finance Manager

In addition to:

✅Consultancy and training firms

✅Supply chain personnel

✅Drilling companies

✅IT software – OT platforms

✅Cloud and network services

If you are an executive, manager, engineer, or support professional and wish to employ, explore and understand how automation, IoT technologies, machine learning, big data tools, and innovative software can not only help you survive but make you profitable and competitive, we look forward to seeing you at OILMAN Connect.

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