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September-October 2022

Photo courtesy of Blackline Safety.

Disposable to Essential: Transforming Safety with Connected Single-Gas Detectors

We’ve all come to accept that personal tech, like our cell phones, advances with every update. And with each new version, we quickly adapt to the upgraded features. These phased developments are an expected part of owning tech. But every once in a while, there’s a revolution – a game-changer...

Nancy Stansberry, Former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Mark A. Stansberry.

Thirty Years Later: U.S. and Russia Relations, Reflections and Global Realities

Thirty years ago, in August 1992, I was part of a 20 member oil and gas delegation on a visit to the Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.), formerly the Soviet Union. The visit was under the auspices of People to People International and the Ministry of Petroleum for the Soviet...

Saving Humanity with Trees and Natural Gas

Saving Humanity with Trees and Natural Gas

Last year, in the name of climate change, the federal government and some state governments did much to impede American natural gas production. They blocked pipelines, delayed exports, canceled lease sales and slowed permits. Yet global emissions of carbon dioxide reached an all-time high of 36.3 gigatonnes (Gt). The world is showing...

Supply Chain Visibility Issues in the Petroleum Industry

Supply Chain Visibility Issues in the Petroleum Industry

Generally speaking, the petroleum supply chain can be referred to within the context of various component parts: (a) upstream or extraction, (b) midstream or storage, and (c) downstream including refining, transportation and retail. A quick look at the per barrel price of Brent crude from 2014 to the present demonstrates...

40 Years of Fossil Fuel Production Worldwide

40 Years of Fossil Fuel Production Worldwide

Oilman Magazine

Letter from the Publisher (September-October 2022)

Congress passed the $700 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) last month with a low level of confidence that it will actually reduce inflation, in the near term, now at over nine percent.  On the energy side, the bill includes provisions to expand the renewable energy market with continued federal tax...

How to Bring an Oil Field Services Startup to the Global Market and Attract Investors

There is an idea behind any startup. So, the story about how to make an oil field services startup successful should start with the idea. The key assets of any oil and gas company are wells, both drilled and future. The quality of the decisions to be made by an...

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Virtual Reality Job Training for the Oil and Gas Industry

The last ten years have been quite a rollercoaster ride for the oil and gas industry. This is especially true for those who are responsible for securing the labor needed to maintain efficient operations. Not only have there been major boom and bust cycles for the industry as a whole,...

The renegade goat who got away, only to be caught.

The Crude Life Surprises Students at Ag Day in the Bakken

The Crude Life’s Chief Intention Officer Jason Spiess and mascot FracleBerry Hound recently made a surprise appearance at the Morton County Ag Day in Bismarck, North Dakota, by hosting “Wattage Wednesday” on KLXX SuperTalk 1270’s Talk Of The Town and engaging with Future Farmers of America (FFA). “What a fun...

Winter sunset at TD. Tripping out while preparing to run 5-1/2” production casing on Lynx Fleet Admiral 21-16-10-11 #1HXL.

Oklahoma Oil Expansion: Utilizing Unconventional Technology to Develop Conventional Targets

Oklahoma’s Anadarko Basin, one of the world’s super basins, is currently known for horizontal drilling in the Woodford Shale, the principal source rock in the basin. However, above the Woodford, many attractive oil and gas reservoirs have been pursued with vertical technology over the past 100 years. As one of...

Dr. Marcin Nazaruk

Psychology in the Oilfield: A New Era of Safety and Operational Performance

If the past serves as an indicator, workplace safety has long been a focus in the oil and gas industry. Although some describe the quality of that attention as lacking, others search for and initiate directives to enhance safety cultures in the workplace. While multiple approaches have been evaluated to...

Gilmore Technology Defines Industry Flow Path

Gilmore Technology Defines Industry Flow Path

The oil and gas industry has long embodied an entrepreneur’s persona, paving the way to develop further and improve an already groundbreaking industry. While technology has provided alternate paths that increase profit, enhance safety measures and simplify processes, some entities in the industry continually study trends and market happenings to...

Students benefiting from PSP’s Teacher Training Partnership with UT Permian Basin. Photos courtesy of Permian Strategic Partnership.

Powering Education in the Permian

Back-to-school season is in full swing. Each new school year comes with its share of changes – new supplies, different classrooms and an enhanced curriculum. But, some things, like the oil and gas industry’s support for public education, remain steadfast. The industry has been vital in funding state public education...

Oilman Cartoon (September-October 2022)

Oilman Cartoon September/October 2022

How a Unified Data Model Alleviates the Growing Pains of a Merger

How a Unified Data Model Alleviates the Growing Pains of a Merger

As we march through the latter half of 2022, oil and gas deals are expected to rise through the end of the year. As deals begin to close, exploration and production (E&P) companies must adjust for potential mergers or acquisitions. With any merger, in any industry, there are adjustment periods...

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Regulatory Compliance Tips for Emissions Standards in the Oil and Gas Industry

Recent enforcement actions by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required companies to invest more than $10 billion, in both equipment and actions, to control pollution. The cases before the EPA resulted in more than $170 million in combined federal administrative, civil and judicial penalties and criminal fines. EPA Emission Standards...

Kirk Byles

Interview with Kirk Byles, CEO of FreeWave

FreeWave Technologies, Inc., is a wireless edge computer manufacturer and industrial software publisher. The company focuses on and provides solutions for the food, air, water and energy industries. Emmanuel Sullivan: Could you provide some background to your company? Where did you get started and how did you grow to where...

3 Ways Technology is Going to Shape the Oil and Gas Industry Free to Download Today

Oil and gas operations are commonly found in remote locations far from company headquarters. Now, it's possible to monitor pump operations, collate and analyze seismic data, and track employees around the world from almost anywhere. Whether employees are in the office or in the field, the internet and related applications enable a greater multidirectional flow of information – and control – than ever before.

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