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2020 Sees Higher Than Ever Demand for Drone Inspections

The use of drone technology for inspecting offshore oil and gas assets has grown massively over the last decade and is predicted by Research and Markets to grow by a further 60 percent over the next five years. Quicker, more cost-effective, and with a reduction in safety risks, companies are…

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Inspection Engineer -

Chris Fleming is recognized as a pioneer in the UAV inspection industry. Having personally carried out over 150 live flare inspections to date, he still leads field teams on the most technically challenging projects for Cyberhawk. As an offshore Inspection Engineer, Fleming has spent the last 20 years working around the globe in Australia, Norway, the North Sea, the Middle East, Malaysia and Brunei. Prior to joining Cyberhawk, Fleming specialized in FPSO operations with his last seven years on the Captain FPSO.

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