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Stress Engineering Services Receives OTC New Technology Award for its Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) of Drilling Riser Systems

HOUSTON – Stress Engineering Services, Inc., (SES) the global leader in consulting engineering services, has received an OTC Spotlight on New Technology (SONT) Award for its condition based maintenance (CBM) of drilling riser systems. Stress Engineering developed a new process for collecting critical riser data, which utilizes a life cycle condition based monitoring (CBM), maintenance and inspection system that can be… Read More
Titanium: The Leading Material In Flexibility Maintaining Oil Operations Oil and Gas News Technology 

Titanium: The Leading Material In Flexibility Maintaining Oil Operations

To match the United States’ push to maintain its status as the biggest hydrocarbon producer in the world, rigs have been put up at an increasing rate since April. A slow between June and July aside, there are now 834 oil rigs in the United States, as reported by Reuters. With these new rigs comes increased maintenance costs. According to industry… Read More
2018 March-April Technology 

Taking Batteries Out of the Cost Equation for WirelessHART Networks

Wireless instruments provide critical information on physical processes such as temperature, pressure, level, flow and humidity to wireless sensing networks, including WirelessHART, ISA100, Zigbee and other 802.15.4 networks. Used to monitor the operating conditions and health of industrial equipment from engines to motors, pumps, valves, and compressors, wireless instrumentation is often used in conjunction with control systems as well as… Read More
Phil Neray 2018 March-April Interviews Technology 

Growing Cyber Threats to Oil & Gas Facilities

A few months ago, the world learned of a targeted cyberattack on a petrochemical facility in Saudi Arabia. Now known as TRITON, the Stuxnet-like attack shut down the facility—and allowed the attackers to gain control of a critical safety system that provides emergency shutdown of plant processes. These Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are designed to avoid catastrophic safety and environmental… Read More
Mobile Apps Boost Efficiency 2018 March-April Technology 

Mobile Apps Boost Efficiency

Technology is outpacing oil and gas in growth, but that’s good for the industries. In addition to the fact that processors, screens, casings and many other digital product elements rely on the oil and gas for manufacturing, software and mobile devices have the potential to innovate operations, boost efficiency and increase job safety. Most companies utilize desktop software for bookkeeping,… Read More
Subsea Technology 2018 March-April Features Technology Upstream 

Subsea Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Pushing Boundaries in Offshore O&G To say times were different when the first Gulf oil well went into service is a bit of an understatement. The year was 1938, and the Superior-Pure State No. 1 well was the first of its kind—if not extremely risky. One mile offshore, the Creole, Louisiana well used very little metal… Read More
Dave McCarthy 2018 March-April Technology 

Using IIoT to Improve O&G Operations

Digital innovation strategies incorporating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are top-of-mind for oil and gas operators working to achieve greater productivity and lower costs, even in the face of escalating prices. While the use of connected equipment to help improve operational visibility and control isn’t new, advances in software and analytics capacity give operators an entirely new asset for… Read More
2018 March-April Technology 

Blockchain, IoT, and Wearables Enter the Digital Oilfield

The world is abuzz with Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT), with many oil and gas executives asking, “Where do these new technologies fit into our company? How can we implement them to make our business better, more profitable?” While Bitcoin might not be the answer these companies are looking for, Venezuela’s “petro” cryptocurrency might not be… Read More
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