Key trends in drone applications in the oil and gas industry #OilmanNEWS Downstream Fullstream Innovation Midstream Oil and Gas News Technology Upstream 

Key Trends in Drone Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry

Latest advancements in sensing and imaging technologies are enabling drones to be deployed in a wide range of settings in the oil and gas industry, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. The company’s latest report, ‘Drones in Oil & Gas – Thematic Research’, reveals how drones are being used to perform inspection and predictive maintenance of critical… Read More
Leading companies and service providers in digital oilfield concept #OilmanNEWS Innovation Oil and Gas News Software Technology 

The Leading Oil and Gas Companies and Service Providers to Adopt Digital Oilfield Technologies Concept

The digital oilfield concept in the oil and gas industry deals with the application of digital oilfield technologies to processes and workflows in order to maximize productivity, reduce costs, and minimize risks. The adoption of digital oilfield technology allows oil and gas companies to create a ‘digital twin’ that replicates the performance of an oilfield on a computer. Several multi-national… Read More
Robotic Process Automation: Four Key Considerations for Oil & Gas 2019 November-December Innovation Technology 

Robotic Process Automation: Four Key Considerations for Oil & Gas

Many energy companies have embarked on significant digital transformation projects utilizing emerging technologies such as big data, cloud, mobile, APIs (Application Program Interfaces), natural language processing, machine learning and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to reduce costs and streamline operations. In a recent discussion with an organization contemplating a major RPA initiative in the commercial and logistics area, the possibility of… Read More
Oil From Garbage: Any Prospects? 2019 September-October Innovation 

Oil From Garbage: Any Prospects?

At the end of 2018 Wiederkehr Recycling AG (Switzerland) successfully held the second stage of continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200 commissioning. The pilot run of the plant was carried along with C65 (65 kW) Capstone microturbine. The Thermal Decomposition Plant is equipped with a generator operating on produced pyrolysis gas presented with the maximum declared capacity. The first stage of commissioning… Read More
Importance of Bolting Systems 2019 July-August Innovation 

Importance of Bolting Systems

So many components make up a successful oil rig or onshore well structure. It’s hard to place value on which piece of equipment is the most crucial. However, a betting man may say that the bolting system would be the most important mechanism and because of that, it is absolutely necessary to have the most reliable equipment possible to ensure… Read More
Continuous “Hands Off” Insulation Resistance Testing of Critical Motors 2019 May-June Innovation 

Continuous “Hands Off” Insulation Resistance Testing of Critical Motors

For decades, offshore oil and gas personnel have performed insulation resistance tests with handheld megohmmeters to prevent motor and generator failures that lead to costly unplanned shutdowns, production interruptions and rewinding repairs. However, these tests only provide a snapshot of motor or generator health. In a matter of only a few days, windings and cables that are exposed to salt… Read More
In Mineral Buying Innovation Wins 2019 May-June Innovation Upstream 

In Mineral Buying Innovation Wins

Mineral buyers want to be special. Unfortunately, most know that aside from the strength of their network there isn’t a lot to differentiate one group from the next. That, of course, doesn’t stop them from trying. Nearly every mineral buyer has an obligatory website offering “fast and fair offers” telling potential sellers that they will give them more for their… Read More
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