EPIC Crude Successfully Loaded its First Aframax-sized Vessel From its Inner Harbor Export Terminal

SAN ANTONIO, TX – EPIC Crude Holdings, LP is pleased to announce that one of its subsidiaries has loaded and launched the first shipment of crude oil from the IGC marine terminal located on the Inner Harbor of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. The IGC terminal, formerly the International Grain Port Terminal, was repurposed by EPIC beginning in June 2019… Read More
Keeping the Right-of-Way Clear and Free for Pipeline Maintenance Companies #OilmanNEWS Midstream Oil and Gas News Pipeline 

Keeping the Right-of-Way Clear and Free for Pipeline Maintenance Companies

Americans consume more than 700 million gallons of petroleum products a day. This means that pipelines are going to stick around for quite a while. Given this statistic, it’s crucial that today’s crude oil pipeline and natural gas companies are dedicated to environmentally sound, reliable, and safe pipeline operation. In order to preserve the infrastructure’s integrity, it’s important that these… Read More
North America and Asia set to contribute 55% of global new-build trunk pipeline length additions by 2023 #OilmanNEWS Midstream Oil and Gas News Pipeline 

North America and Asia Set to Contribute 55% of Global New-build Trunk Pipeline Length Additions by 2023

North America and Asia are set to drive the global oil and gas new-build pipeline length additions, contributing around 55% of the global planned and announced pipeline length additions between 2019 and 2023, says GlobalData, a leading data, and analytics company. The company’s report, ‘Global Oil and Gas Pipelines Industry Outlook to 2023 – Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook with… Read More
Key trends in drone applications in the oil and gas industry #OilmanNEWS Downstream Fullstream Innovation Midstream Oil and Gas News Technology Upstream 

Key Trends in Drone Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry

Latest advancements in sensing and imaging technologies are enabling drones to be deployed in a wide range of settings in the oil and gas industry, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. The company’s latest report, ‘Drones in Oil & Gas – Thematic Research’, reveals how drones are being used to perform inspection and predictive maintenance of critical… Read More
Planning for IMO 2020: The Cost of Non-Compliance #OilmanNEWS Midstream Offshore Oil and Gas News 

Planning for IMO 2020: The Cost of Non-Compliance

On January 1, 2020, the new International Maritime Organization’s regulation—dubbed “IMO 2020”—for sulfur reduction from 3.5% to 0.5% will go into effect. The regulation stipulates that oceangoing vessels must use either a cleaner bunker fuel, have on-board gas stack scrubbers to clean the higher sulfur fuel or use an alternative marine fuel such as LPG, LNG or methanol. With the… Read More
W Energy Software Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary and Unveils New Business Name #OilmanNEWS Midstream Oil and Gas News Press Release Software Upstream 

W Energy Software Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary and Unveils New Business Name

TULSA, OKLA. – W Energy Software (formerly Waterfield Energy), the emerging leader in upstream and midstream ERP software, is celebrating its tenth year of business serving more than 100 companies across the energy value chain. The anniversary coincides with a year of rapid increase in market share, strategic acquisitions, and rapid organizational growth to meet demand for the company’s cloud-based ERP… Read More
#OilmanNEWS Midstream Oil and Gas News Technology 

Tracking America’s Exports Key to Understanding Future of Hydrocarbons

Austin, TX – Enverus, the leading energy SaaS and data analytics company, released an update on U.S. hydrocarbon exports showing the impact of recent infrastructure additions on U.S. exports of crude oil, liquified natural gas (LNG), and natural gas liquids (NGL). In the update, Enverus leveraged vessel location data to provide a lower latency view on U.S. exports. Tankers, amongst… Read More
According to Cate, most of the natural gas pipelines are over 40 years old and are in need of updates sooner rather than later. 2019 November-December Jason Spiess Midstream Pipeline 

Pipelines as Critical Infrastructure

The state of California currently experienced a reality check in energy accountability and aging infrastructure. While the majority of the attention is on the spike in gas prices, black outs and stress on the grid in California, Wesley Cate of Eco-Energy believes the national conversation should shift to the issue of aging pipelines. The most recent “Infrastructure Report Card” published… Read More
Oil on the Roads: Road Transportation and Use in the USA and Worldwide #OilmanNEWS Midstream Oil and Gas News Upstream 

Oil on the Roads: Road Transportation and Use in the USA and Worldwide

Road transport accounts for over 45% (up to a half) of global use of oil. In particular, in the United States of America, the most “automobile” country of the world, where national road transport is the most developed (compared to other nations), total length of motorways (paved and unpaved) is over 6.6 million km (some 4.1 million mi), current size… Read More
#OilmanNEWS Midstream Oil and Gas News Upstream 

The Street Strikes Back: Oil & Gas Operators Shown No Mercy

Austin, TX – Enverus, the leading oil and gas SaaS and data analytics company, has released The Street Strikes Back, a new report in its FundamentalEdge series focused on geopolitical and domestic impacts affecting the oil, natural gas, and NGL markets. “Global incidents like the attack on Saudi oil facilities that used to send lasting ripples across the world and… Read More
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