Addressing Infrastructure Needs in the Permian Basin and Across America

Addressing Infrastructure Needs in the Permian Basin and Across America


It’s no surprise that with oil production in the Permian region quadrupling over the past eight years, the traffic in the Permian Basin has increased exponentially. According to a study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, there were four times the number of truck loads on the roadway than officials…

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Ronnie Witherspoon is the CEO and president at Aveda Energy and Transportation, a Daseke Company. With over 20 years of oilfield industry expertise, Ronnie has held a wide variety of operational, business development and leadership positions. A multiple graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science, Master in Science and a Master in Business Administration coupled with advanced graduate studies from New York University, Ronnie started his career with Schlumberger providing logging services to clients in the Gulf of Mexico and worked in the finance arena while completing his graduate studies. Ronnie is and has been a board member of several associations, both within and outside the energy industry.

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Oil and gas operations are commonly found in remote locations far from company headquarters. Now, it's possible to monitor pump operations, collate and analyze seismic data, and track employees around the world from almost anywhere. Whether employees are in the office or in the field, the internet and related applications enable a greater multidirectional flow of information – and control – than ever before.

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