Digital Checklists for every procedure leave no room for pencil whipping a report or changing a report. Like an EKG - it creates a digital fingerprint of every minute of the BOP and riser equipment. Evidence for the regulator, operators and drilling contractors of procedural compliance. Photos courtesy of Mike Fry

Deepwater Subsea: The Long Journey from Macondo to 2020

From Paper Records to Digital Checklists and Digital Twins and an Electronic Ecosystem to Prevent the Next Macondo April 20, 2010: Mike Fry recalls that fateful night – “I was the Subsea superintendent for Transocean. I helped support several of our GoM deepwater fleet from a Subsea operations standpoint and…

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Owner - LEG Exploration Education

Lillian Espinoza-Gala, owner LEG Exploration Education, served on the steering committee for National Academy of Science Offshore Worker Empowerment workshop held in Houston in January 2018 and a section of her Macondo Research is published in Chapter 2 of the proceedings. She currently serves as a Membership Chair on SPE International Human Factors Technical Section Board.

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