June 22, 2021
Environmentalists Don't Want You To Know This, But Here's How Natural Gas Is Changing America

Environmentalists Don’t Want You To Know This, But Here’s How Natural Gas Is Changing America

Fracking turned out to be one of the keys to unlock our nation’s natural gas riches. We went from being on the verge of running out of gas to securing more than a 100-year supply. Companies such as Chesapeake Energy , one of the country’s top producers of natural gas, have gotten a bad rap for using fracking to access all this gas. While that company’s past isn’t squeaky clean, it is working hard to clean up fracking by increasing its usage of recycled water while also eliminating 10%-25% of the additives used in hydraulic fracturing fluids to ensure that its fracking operations are more environmentally friendly.

The industry is not only cleaning up the fracking process, but it’s also fueling a revival in America. Companies such as Clean Energy Fuels are using natural gas as a cleaner, cheaper bridge fuel to a brighter future. Meanwhile, other companies such as Cheniere Energy and Dow Chemical are using our cheap and abundant natural gas supplies to turn our trade imbalance on its head.

The following slide show details all the stunning ways natural gas is having a positive impact on the future of America.

[slideshare id=29888818&doc=hownaturalgasischangingamerica-140110125734-phpapp02]


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