December 4, 2021
Oil and Gas 2020 Market Outlook

Feature Podcast: Oil and Gas 2020 Market Outlook

We all want to possess the ability to predict the future. This is something we covered in a previous feature article on artificial intelligence and it applies here, but in a slightly different way. The start of a new year brings new things, a little of the unexpected. The unknown brings with it some apprehension because when you’re talking about oil and gas outlooks, you’re talking about someone’s livelihood. From the CEO of a company, to the operators and everyone above, below and in between – no person, company or place is immune from the effects of a volatile oil and gas market.

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Oil and gas companies are regularly faced with many industry-specific issues to overcome. Such issues, including exploration and drilling, are often complex and intricate processes with many unique challenges to overcome. Data analytics can play a massive part in streamlining some of the most fundamental operations that are involved in the oil and gas industry.

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